Doing Hard Things Worth Doing

Doing Hard Things Worth Doing

Do you have a reputation for taking on hard things? Do you want to be known for that? Everyone has their opinion about what makes a task, a project or a paradigm shift “hard” to accomplish. We’ve all come across many lists of hard things worth doing. They all have one thing in common: If it’s something hard for you to accomplish, yet very worth doing, it will take the right use of your inner strengths to accomplish it.


Rule Challengers, Edge Pushers & Game Changers

Name one person known for thinking and living “outside the box.” It’s likely you’ll also be able to identify at least one inner strength they mastered that earned them this reputation. How about…

…Abraham LincoIn [Determined]?

…Albert Einstein [Imaginative]?

…Mother Theresa [Good Samaritan]?

…Martin Luther King, Jr. [Dreamer]?

In fact, even infamous characters with negative history became known because of the wrong use of an inner strength. I’ll spare you the long list!

When you learn to correctly use your innate inner strengths, despite adversity, you create a ripple effect in the world around you.

  • Atmospheres mired down with stagnant mindsets can shift to that of profound possibilities.
  • Attitudes can transform from negative to positive, and relationships from toxic to productive.
  • Bad habits and damaging behavior can turn into healthy actions that others want to emulate.

Many terms exist to describe the results when you live from your innate strengths of your inner design. Let’s just call it  “Doing hard things worth doing!”


What are your inner strengths?

One of the first things to understand about strengths is their origin. Strengths are inborn. We don’t choose them or even make them strengths by repeated practice. However, you can develop or strengthen them with practice — but only if they are part of you in the first place.

They exist as drives (or urges) in your nature that constitute at the most basic level who you are. Your strengths are what give you your abilities.  When developed, they can be seen as talents or special gifts.

Strengths give fundamental direction and purpose to your life. When you use them correctly, you gain fulfillment. When you don’t, there’s no way to calculate the total costs of the damage to yourself and others.

Want to know which strengths are innate to your inner design? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Discover Your Inner Design
  2. Grab a copy of INNERKINETICS – Your Blueprint to Excellence and Happiness.
    Chapters 12-15 cover each strength as well as how to correctly use each.
  3. Download this chart as a visual reminder of just how well-equipped you are to accomplish hard things worth doing.  

When the stakes are high, doing hard things matters most.

To create real change, the REAL YOU must show up! You have inner strengths that aren’t being used correctly. Learn how to do so and invite people to stand back as you tackle hard things ONLY you can tackle.

Consider this list of just some of the hardest things worth doing. What will you take on first?

  1. Creating a habit out of taking 100% responsibility for all of your choices.
  2. Avoiding the temptation of blaming circumstances for the damage you do to yourself and others.
  3. Practicing the gift of giving the benefit of the doubt to the most difficult people in your
    life – assuming they too would like to reach their full potential.
  4. Flipping your strongest weakness back to its original power and form as your strongest inner strength.
  5. Mastering intelligent emotions.
  6. Learning how to use grace in your marriage, parenting and other important relationships.


Stay tuned next week as we take a more in-depth look at high-stakes, game-changing things worth doing.


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