Are You Making Self-Defeating Mistakes

If, like me, you look for meaningful answers to not only life’s problems, but personal fulfillment and happiness, you have gone down many “dead end” roads.  Or maybe you just want to figure out how to break a personal pattern that you find troublesome.  After all, not everyone sets out to discover the same thing.  However, in my quest I discovered those answers and many others in the same place.   My quest helped me to uncover the answers to our self-defeating mistakes and led me to write INNERKINETICS in order to share the answers with you.

My own inner urges fueled my journey

Years of personal study, following the urges inside of me, started and then fueled my journey.  I am a philosopher of human nature by choice, experience, and training.  The most complicated organism is the human system and it creates a complexity in living that no one will ever fully understand or analyze.  In writing the book, I proposed to take from the learning of hundreds of people in the fields of temperament, neuroscience, personal growth, and faith, and together with the struggles of hundreds more (my clients), help you find your inner journey to the top — whatever that peak of success may be for you. I want to help you overcome the self-defeating mistakes that are nagging you, too.  

Going it alone

First (as I indicated), I had to find, identify, and learn about the powers living within me that I felt were demanding liberation.  Their thirst for release and full expression also created an incessant hankering for me to try to reach my potential.  Therefore, the two urges were closely related.  Having discovered my strengths by means of a temperament assessment, the task of understanding them correctly began.  I had affirmed the results of the assessment I had taken, but I still struggled to release those strengths, to develop them, and feel their rewarding fulfillment.  I had yet to discover that a correct understanding of them held the secret to who I was made to be and to how to reach my fulfillment and happiness.  Not surprisingly, it took me years to map my path.  I was going it alone. 

My hope is to shorten your search dramatically and help you avoid making your journey alone.  INNERKINETICS explains how to discover and release your temperament’s powers (your Innerkinetics) not just to define them.  

Self-defeating mistakes do not necessarily lead to failure

Failure lives on every street and in every home, but failure can teach some very positive lessons.  Failure is spelled “o-p-p-o-r-t-u-n-i-t-y.”  Don’t misspell it!  People don’t want to fail, but failure pulls with gravitational constancy and prophesies its own success all too often.  Decades of dealing with searching and unfulfilled people, whose failure to find their strengths had led them to defeat, despair, and sometimes deep depression, has shown me that the path to success is a matter of rising to our greatness by the opportunity the use of our temperament’s strengths provides.  Failure might also be defined as “not using your strengths.”  The book will explain.    

Find your unique path

The many books that urge set principles of success on all of us (as though there is only one path for all of us to follow) made me urgently want to tell you that there is a unique path for each of us.  Your path is written inside of you — your own individual, successful way to your very best.  Find it with me.  

Many books exist about these universal “principles of success,” but few start with understanding ourselves and with the power of self-discovery.  Temperament, or what I like to also call our InnerKinetics, leads us to a profitable and accurate discovery of ourselves and describes our path to our potential greatness.  Therefore, this is the path best traveled.  However, it is unfortunately the path that is least traveled.  Within the pages of INNERKINETICS, you will find your dream. 

Conquer self-defeating mistakes with the use and development of your strengths

The passion for this book was ignited by the hopes and achievements of successful clients who discovered their best when they used and developed their strengths.  Also, there were the pains and cries of many others who fell short of their best only to find it (like the successful ones) in the discovery of themselves and the direction their lives were intended to go.  

“From heaven descended the precept ‘Know yourself,’” wrote Juvenal. “Die to ‘missing the mark,’” mused Paul.  Philosophers, saints, gurus and thinkers in all ages have pondered the way to reach our potential and settle for nothing less.  Therefore, climb to the peak of your powers by finding yourself.  And in doing so, discover a fulfillment and satisfaction that breeds a happiness you will never give up once you have found it.  

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