3 Words Capture How Successful People Manage Their Past, Present & Future

3 Words Successful People Use Every Day

We’ve been taking a look at some important habits of strong, successful people. Ripping a page or two from their playbook, we can see that these 3 words reveal their strategy:  Forgiveness, Focus, Fulfillment. They purpose to stay free of negative beliefs and hurts of the past using forgiveness. They focus on the right use of their inner strengths in the present. And they set goals for their future that lead to lasting fulfillment.


Using Forgiveness to Cover the Past

The result of some daily choices is the freedom to be everything you’ve been created to be. And one of the choices successful people adopt is a forgiveness lifestyle.  It makes sense, doesn’t it?  Forgiving people keeps you free to move forward without dragging the heavy freedom-robbing, options-killing chains of past hurts along with you.


Choosing to Focus on Inner Strengths for the Present

We each have different paths to becoming all we are meant to be. What’s more, we unlock these custom pathways whenever our focus is set on using our inner strengths properly. Inner design quite literally serves as a blueprint with one destination: lasting fulfillment.  Think about this:

  • What’s the point of relationships if they’re not fulfilling relationships? Your inner strengths help you happily relate to not only yourself but your spouse and family as well.
  • Where’s your incentive to pursue satisfaction or happiness, unless it converts into something less fleeting? The correct use of our inner strengths sustains us in a pattern of behavior, leading to rewards that are much longer-lasting.
  • What meaning could be found in the pursuit of a career unless that work required you to use the very drives that lead you to be your best?


Setting Fulfillment as a Major Goal for the Future

Fulfillment is so rewarding because it’s the outcome of something we expected, were promised, predicted, or hoped for. It’s the fruit of a successful life. What’s more, fulfillment urges us to believe in ourselves. And further, it’s a promise of more to come.

The greatest fulfillment that we can experience is to know that the use of our strengths is worthwhile. Certainly, no amount of money can buy that. Above all, fulfillment lifts our self-image and makes us face the world with confidence.

Perhaps Dr. Ray Lincoln says it best.  “Our motivation to succeed lies in the direction our life is intended to go.”


Successful people follow their own custom path to excellence and happiness.

Some “F” words actually build your good reputation and provide others an example worth following. Learn more about the power of forgiveness, focus, and fulfillment:

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