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Introduction to InnerKinetics

Register August 24, 2018 6:00 pm August 24, 2018 7:00 pm America/Boise Introduction to InnerKinetics

InnerKinetics® foundational understanding is presented in this 16-hour training course, providing the background one needs to use the InnerKinetics® Temperament Keys and generally explain the results. Class is USUALLY held on Friday, 6-9pm; Saturday, 8am-4pm; and Sunday, 1-7pm. Confirm the class schedule with the event coordinator at the number provided here before you register. We look forward to your participation.

12930 W Burgundy Drive, Littleton CO 80127 Mary Jo Lincoln
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Leading people to a fulfilling life and giving them an understanding of their creative purpose will release their powers and gifts.  With InnerKinetics® training, you will become a catalyst in their growth.

The InnerKinetics® training courses are designed to be intensive and highly interactive and to introduce you to the effective use of the scientific principles embedded in assessments and the understanding of temperament.  It is also structured to equip you with the general knowledge needed for guiding people to the understanding of how we are designed to function and how we find fulfillment in our purpose.

This Level 1 course will consist of 16 hours of training with Ray W. Lincoln, plus reading and training assignments that you will complete on your own.  You will be required to use the InnerKinetics® Temperament Keys and to explain temperament and its values successfully.  In your own personal endeavors, whether as a coach/counselor or volunteer mentor, the understanding provided will advance your ability to help and guide people in a way few can. An  ability to apply this understanding of temperament psychology will prepare you to help others discover and understand who they are according to how they are created on the inside.

Auditing of Future Classes

You may audit this training course one time for a small charge to cover incidentals (inquire for the current fee) and you are encouraged to do so.  In effect, this is a two for one offer.  However, additional materials may need to be purchased.

Curriculum includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Introduction and Orientation
The History of Temperament
Assessments and “The Temperament Keys”
The Four Temperaments in Detail
The Sixteen Types (Two hours)
Strengths and Weaknesses (Two hours)
Temperament and the Life of Our Spirits (Two hours)
For those who are interested in the religious connections of temperament and its use in our spiritual lives, an optional session is offered.


Venue will be decided for each course before registration date and is posted on our website.

Because this is intensive, specialized training and in order to maximize effective learning, a minimum class size will be 3 students and a maximum class size will be 10 students. (Students who are auditing the course are not included in the above numbers.)

Students who complete Level 1 and beyond will be invited to subscribe to membership in our continuing education classes that will be offered monthly live and via internet video.


The direction for their lives in which they will find their fulfillment

The deep satisfaction and pleasure one feels when living in their strengths.

How to discover their strengths

Who they are according to how they have been made on the inside

Respect and appreciation for others who are of a different temperament but also wonderfully made

Self-understanding and self-motivation
Please note:  If you would like to register for all 3 levels at once and have the option to take 12 months to pay with no interest, please contact us at 720-271-1221 for details.

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