A Form of Manipulation: Changing Our Minds

We recently discussed manipulation of emotion and manipulating with emotion.  Today let’s discuss a specific type of manipulation, one that is potent help in achieving intelligent emotions: manipulating our emotions by changing our minds.  This is an act common to many of us.  It is a built-in asset and we should use it when needed to wrench the control from an unwanted emotion.

Changing Emotion Is Like Changing Our Minds

When we change our minds, we also receive for our further evaluation another emotion that matches the change of mind. This is the same as changing our thoughts.  But we seem to be able to grasp it easier since we are constantly changing our minds due to distractions or the demands of our changing circumstances. If you are familiar with changing your mind, then use the same technique to exchange an emotion that bothers you for one that doesn’t.

Change Your Mind to Change Your Emotion

Changing our minds is how we can “manipulate” our emotions. How we allow ourselves to perceive the world creates a mental feeling and sets the mood of the moment.

I Changed My Mind

One winter morning when I started writing, the sky was clear and the sun rose over the horizon, tinting the mountains with pink hues and establishing a warm welcoming feeling. My emotions perceived it as a warming of my spirit and I welcomed it. Two hours later, at the threat of an incoming snow storm, the sky turned cloudy, dark, and gray. My emotions changed with the scene. I first felt the drabness dampen my spirit.  But then I deliberately manipulated my emotions by reminding myself how I love the eerie feeling of a gathering storm and the promise of snow flakes flying while the winds rake the countryside. So, I changed my mind and the thoughts of a stimulating storm pleased me.  And that change of mind changed my mood.

Change your mind like this and your emotions change too. We are built this way so that with practice, we can control our inner world. Don’t lose this thought — we change our minds by changing our thoughts and then our feelings change. This will be the information you need to paint the colors of your inner world and shape your day.


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