A New Season of Pursuing Real You

Pursuing Real You

Are you ready for a new season? Thankfully, your seasons aren’t tied directly to a calendar! They may run in parallel to dates, weather patterns, and crazy times like the ones we’re in. But they aren’t limited to start and stop “on time.” So for as long or short as it may take, consider beginning a season of pursuing Real You. There’s always more to learn about Real You – a person designed to pursue and find fulfillment, excellence, and purpose.


What’s your goal?

Last week, we talked about the beginnings, middles, and ends of your current life seasons. And regardless of WHEN you are within a current season, it’s time to settle an important issue. What’s your goal? In other words, WHERE do you want to end up? WHAT are you looking for once you get there? HOW will it change the outcomes you’re currently getting?

These posts have always been focused on helping you discover the very intelligent, dynamic inner design at work within you 24/7/365. The more you know about this design, the more you get to choose a focus upon it. It’s this positive focus on becoming the best version of you (a.k.a. The Real You) that paints a bullseye on your sense of fulfillment and discovery of purpose. It’s quite literally a blueprint to your excellence. So, it makes sense that whatever your goals may be, they must account for the unique path you’re designed to take along the way.

For example, if you’re naturally a cautious and planned person, you’ll prefer to tackle the season you are in with a concrete, detailed plan. And this plan will likely include specific indicators that you’re succeeding. Whereas, if you’re a spontaneous, risk-taking person, you’ll prefer a less detailed plan that allows for opportunities to mix it up and possibly change the tactics you use to achieve your goals.

Regardless of your goal, it must include an understanding of just WHO the Real You is.


Pursuing “Real You” Goals

It’s 2021 now. And just as it is with any new year, a multitude of coaches, mentors, and consultants are ready to help you build new success habits, form rock-solid business plans, and overcome obstacles. BUT, no one can truly help you unless they first account for the unique drives, hard-wired preferences, and inner strengths at work within you.  These are the powerful forces that originate from the Real You and they affect your pursuit of any goal in real ways.

You can discover that person through the resources provided over the next few posts.


  1. Take the free assessment.
  2. Grab your copy of INNERKINETICS or one of the design-specific Kindle books that deals with your specific design.


Read the chapter(s) in INNERKINETICS or the Kindle edition unique to your assessment results and take note of your top 3 takeaways. They could be answers to questions you’ve always had about yourself or just new discoveries that you think may help you achieve your 2021 goals.



Come back next week armed with “Real You” information as we start a review of how the Real You uniquely and successfully pursues your real-world goals.

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