Absolute Freedom of Expression — Tell me about it!

Absolute Freedom of Expression

The culture of our day (influenced and supported by postmodernist beliefs) repudiates the imposition of any moral standards, the idea of a Creator God, and the acknowledgment of absolute or universal truths.  Its mantra is the assertion of absolute freedom of expression.

Marketing Absolute Freedom of Expression

Absolute freedom of expression has an exciting marketing approach to the youth of our day.  It means: 

“I decide for myself what is true and what my moral actions will be.  No one has authority over these things.  I am free from all restraints and limitations.  I must fight to eradicate any attempt to tell me what I should do in these matters.  And just in case parents are not getting the message, they too will be resisted.  I can also change my moral standards in the spur of the moment to anything that supports my immediate desires — and I can do so as many times as I like.  I am not even bound by the false idea that I have to be consistent.”  

The freedom our culture offers is not bound by consistency.  

Grant Absolute Freedom of Expression and the Child Achieves the Upper Hand

At least ideologically, children have achieved the upper hand over their parents, thanks to this exaggerated concept of freedom.  The only thing that remains an issue for our children is whether they want their parent’s money to buy their latest video game.  In that case, they can, of course, make their parents feel angry and defeated.  Or they can manipulate the parents’ feelings of love for them.  

The child’s head may rattle with the thought that they should support the actions by the State to raise all kids without parental approval.  Why?  Because they think that the state will not get in their face like their parents have to at times.  Try it!  But don’t forget to read the history of how the State “parents” (verb) without concern for them as individuals and devoid of real love.  Whole countries have tried State control of families already.  It did not turn out to be what it was advertised to be.  Humans want love over promises of absolute freedom. 

Sounds Too Good to Be True?

Of course, this absolute freedom is a great sales pitch.  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  And in this case, it obviously is!  No one has shown how this can work without putting people at odds and at war with each other.   

What Is Missing in Our Changing Culture?

Love is the foundation of all relationships and it is missing in our changing culture.  What is more important?  Would it be basic principles for a peaceful, happy society?  Unlimited freedom?  Or the pearl of great price: love?  

Parents Are the Teachers

Parents, please demonstrate to your child from the earliest years what both love and absolute freedom look like.  Show them the consequences of each in real life.  Parents are the teachers of a life lived with love at its core. 


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Science Destroys the Mystery – Unsuccessfully!

Science attempts to take the mystery out of everything.  However, the world of the immaterial will forever defy attempts at being fully understood.  Some things about the mind will forever be discussed in conjecture and theory.  

Can We Define “Mind” Adequately?

The mind is an enigma to its owner as well as to science.  How do we talk about things that don’t have the solidity of material things?  That’s a big problem when it comes to definitions, but we don’t need to be bothered with definitions.  

Also, as with anything immaterial that has the essence of spirit, we simply don’t have a detailed robust language with which to talk about it.  We use metaphors and similes, symbolism, and words with trumped-up meanings.  However, we can understand it effectively by the way it functions and the results it achieves.  So let’s talk about our experiences: the results for us (the user) that our mind can be relied upon to produce.   

Function and Results

What can and does the mind do?

  • The mind creates, plans, designs, records, thinks, feels, and can make a plan and then change the plan as often as the owner likes.  
  • It bends to the complicated needs of our thought world and can constantly help us restructure our thinking.  
  • The mind is the most adaptable tool we have, using imagination and skills that can take us on mental journeys with ease.  And it can do so in amazing detail, rich with color, and with the full experience of all our senses of taste, smell, sight, sound, and touch.  
  • It is where we shape our world with imagination and with as yet unreal ideas.
  • The mind can create what has never existed and transport us into the world of fantasy as though that world is real — stimulating all our senses as, for example, The Lord of Rings does.  
  • It can share or decide not to share its creations with the brain where they can be translated into action and reality.  If we choose for that not to happen, they are left to be enjoyed as unreal (but to us, what seems real).  
  • Without it, we would be seriously demoted into the realm of a much lesser creature.   

Learning how to take care of this feature of who we are is our next task.  

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