Achievement Is Vital for All Ages and All Temperaments

Achievement Is Vital for All
Adapted from INNERKINETICS – Your Blueprint for Excellence and Happiness.

Everyone must achieve in some area. To live healthily, our drives must propel us to excel. By contrast, when we cease to live in the thrust of our drives, our brain sends a message to our body that our body is no longer needed.  As a result, we begin to decay and fall apart, physically as well as mentally.  Achievement is vital for all.

It Is Vital for All Temperaments

Achievement is vital for all temperaments.  The perfectionist who ceases to care any longer about perfection loses her edge and begins to fade into life’s sunset. A passionate person who is no longer passionate becomes an insignificant blip in the moving landscape of humanity. An ingenious wizard who ceases to pursue the drive of his temperament wilts, losing the strength and power that kept him vital to himself and others. A person with the drive to be reliable and responsible but who fails to succeed to the point of being appreciated, feels of no use to society and soon his life force vanishes. A brave, daring, lion of a person who becomes timid forfeits his confidence and command and inwardly dies. To achieve is human.

Achievement Is Vital for All Ages

Watch children respond to their urges to succeed. In their early years, they struggle to use their strengths and often overuse them or wrongly use them as they seek to discover their proper and powerful place in life. If they do not exercise these inborn temperamental drives, they lose self-esteem and can fall into depression because they lose the forward and upward thrust of their InnerKinetics — the drive to achieve.  The parent who continually pushes a child to excel using strengths that are not natural to the child risks damaging the child’s self-esteem and enthusiasm for life. Why?  Because achievement and happiness are less likely when using strengths that are not innate to our design.

Our lives, from the earliest of days, are one long urge to achieve. When we finally reach retirement age, the call to achieve is still a monitor of health and a way to rejuvenate any dying soul. Having a purpose — something to achieve — gives a reason to live and to maintain our health. While the way we exercise our strengths may need to be adjusted to our physical ability, we can nonetheless operate within those strengths to achieve even to the end.  So, yes!  Achieve to the end! We must do this. It is vital to our health for our entire lives.

Vitality Is a Payback of Achievement

Why do we struggle to live and fight to stay alive when all seems lost? If there is not some kind of inner force demanding we be more, what is it that causes that drive?  As we discussed previously, when we answer its call, that drive provides us with a payback.  Our blueprint never ages and it keeps forcing us on to the fullness of our dreams.  Therefore, follow your blueprint (your InnerKinetics)!

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