An asset or liability? You get to choose.

Strength - asset - liabiilty

No doubt your inbox is full of advice on how to deal with the uncertainty and instability we are now experiencing as a global community. What will your takeaways be from all this communication?  Do you feel overwhelmed at this point? Perhaps you even feel like there’s simply too much communication and you’re ready to go offline. Or maybe you desire even more because of the lack of physical connection with friends, extended family, and co-workers. Regardless of where you find your thoughts and attitude about the crisis we all face, you still have an important set of choices. And choose you must. So will you use your inner strengths as an asset, or a liability? Let’s talk more about this one.


If fear is not an option, you better choose strengths over weaknesses!

Recall the choice between fear and faith we discussed? To avoid crippling fear and allow your positive beliefs to drive your steps, you’ll need to use your inner strengths. The right use of strengths eliminates damaging weaknesses. The right use of your inner strengths gives you the emotional payback you need to stay motivated and positive. Your strengths are the solution to any problem for which you are responsible. They ARE your most important assets.

If you already know about your InnerKinetics (your inner design), you’ve also come to understand that your God-given inner strengths are essential to your healthy, productive and fulfilling life. And they are yours by design.  What’s just as critical to understand is that your weaknesses are self-made. Many other posts address this important knowledge. For your reference, here are just a few from our archives:

And if you don’t know about your InnerKinetics (your inner design), take this short assessment to determine your 4-letter profile. 


REMEMBER: Understanding is only valuable if you then act on what it reveals.


Is this strength an asset or a liability in your life?

So, now that you’re ready to take action, know this: Developing your strengths involves ensuring they’re actually assets in your life rather than major liabilities. The action you need is the intentional development of your strengths.  Even developing only one of your many strengths has a systemic ripple effect that is hard to harness.

Consider the “SJ” design. If their goal is to choose faith or fear, they’ll need their inner strength of being THOUGHTFUL & PREPARED.


The SJ is a planner.  If they do not plan on paper or on their time management system, they plan in their heads.  To be prepared, we need to plan.  Their minds operate logistically and step-by-step plans are the favored method.

The SJ will often want to know what is happening next in order to be prepared.  They feel more comfortable when they are prepared.  Fear of the future is offset in their normal mode of living by planning.  Planning is not theorizing or strategizing.  It is logical, step-by-step formulas developed by the question “What do I do next?”  For an SJ, planning enhances the possibility that all will go well, problems will be averted as much as possible and, ultimately, peace and happiness will be attained.

Developing this strength looks like this:

  • Being aware of how thoughtful they should be is how SJs should approach this strength.
  • Establish a goal and plan toward achieving it. Working toward your goals is a wonderful way to keep your thoughtfulness purposeful and directed.
  • Manage your time wisely. Although time may not actually be manageable by us, we can certainly manage our lives around the wise use of it.
  • Stay aware of and show care for other people’s feelings and needs. Doing so avoids turning your preparedness (a major SJ asset) into a myopic or self-centered approach to meeting your goals.
  • Don’t forget to pencil in some spontaneous time just to stop and smell the roses! When you look up and take in all the blessings that exist in your day, it makes your planning for more success even more enjoyable.


Are you ready to develop your strengths? These steps are revealed through several resources written by InnerKinetics founder, Dr. Ray W. Lincoln. Find all of his invaluable  tools at


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