Dreams, aspirations, hopes, desires, passions -- all help us define success your way.

Start Defining Success YOUR Way

Adapted from INNERKINETICTS, Your Blueprint for Excellence and Happiness, by Ray W. Lincoln Answering “Who Am I?” Leads to Better Goals Philosophers have pondered this deep, personal question of identity from the days of Plato and even before.  “Who are we?” they have asked.  And we are all asking  the same

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Queasy feeling, butterflies in stomach

If the word “success” makes you queasy…

Adapted from INNERKINETICS, Your Blueprint to  Excellence and Happiness Does the word success make you feel queasy?  Has it been contaminated with the idea that it’s all about money (financial success) or social status (social success), fame or even dishonest practices?  Do you feel it has become trite?  If thinking

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Intimate relationship, man and woman holding hands

Is Your Most Prized Possession Your Intimate Relationship?

If your intimate relationship is feeling anything but intimate and wonderful right now, you may be questioning your alternatives.  Stop right there!  Take a closer look!  Even if your relationship is in a great place, you might want to listen up, too.  That rocky relationship can turn around.  And that

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