Pursue "Real You" Goals

In Pursuit of “Real You” Goals that Fit

Why go for a “Real You” Mindset?  Because it is a “clear” mind. With this mindset, you’re free to make choices based on a healthy self-image, not a distorted self-image that’s often caused when you experience failure or misunderstandings. A “Real You” mind stays focused on positive, helpful thoughts and

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Your current season

Where are you in your current season?

With a new year comes all the familiar opportunities. It’s a chance to start new things, stop old things, resolve to make changes, and re-prioritize. Of course, there’s nothing truly magical or concrete about January 1. It’s a date on the calendar that may or may not represent something new.

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The best gift you can give

The Best Gift You Can Give in 2020

Would you like to dramatically reduce your stress during this even-more-stressful-than-normal holiday season of gift-giving?  Start by asking the question that strips away a lot of wasted time and energy: “Does the best gift I could give each person on my list cost money, time, or effort?”   Will the

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Ask Better Questions

If You Want Better Solutions, Ask Better Questions

Have you noticed how often you’re asked to consider what’s wrong with you? This disturbing trend has intensified over the last few months! I’ve come across so many blogs, social media posts and public mandates compelling you to look at your negatives or why you’re broken in some way. This

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