Manage Emotions

Manage Emotions to Strengthen the Grip on Yourself

Keep three words in mind when you want to use more tools to teach yourself and others the management of emotions. They are: distract, disconnect, reframe.  All three are ways to change our focus, thus robbing our emotions of their energy.  Starved, they wane and die — at least for a

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happy couple, healthy emotions

Healthy Emotions! What Is Their Value?

Emotional Control (continued)  Have you ever noticed that happy people tend to control their emotions better than angry people?  I wonder why?  Happiness produces a state of relaxation and in comparison, anger produces a state of tension.  While happiness produces a positive attitude, anger creates a strong focus on what

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Finding Truth Without an Abundance of Evidence

Straight Thinking About Facts — Part 2 There’s even more to straight thinking about facts than the issues to which I referred in my last article.  We must consider how we will proceed when evidence is unavailable.  What do we rely on to determine whether we are considering verifiable facts

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Honesty and Truthfulness

Straight Thinking Demands Honesty and Truthfulness

Straight thinking is all about another “moral” necessity: honesty and truthfulness.  Honesty not only includes telling the whole truth accurately, but honesty must be the motivation when seeking to tell the truth.  An attempt to be less than honest will end up in our twisting the truth for our own

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