Avoid Burnout in Your Fast-Forward Life with This Simple Strategy

Avoid burnout

Your energy is limited. Burnout and discouragement can happen in any area of your life, at any time. Think you know the best way to avoid it? Perhaps you are even approaching that proverbial brick wall right now at rapid speed and suspect that a month-long sabbatical is your only hope. It’s a common problem for anyone who is pursuing balance among multiple priorities. Have you created a strategy that truly works? Your inner design reveals both the problem and the solution. Follow this simple 2-step strategy and sustain the energy you need to avoid burnout.

Simple Strategy to Avoid Burnout

Step 1: Understand how you re-charge.  Then DO IT! (every day)

Step 2: Understand how others need to re-charge. Then LET THEM!

Sounds too simple?  It’s actually that simple as long as you have a critical piece of understanding.


Misunderstanding Causes Burnout in the Places that Matter Most

We spent some time previously learning about the REAL difference between introverts and extroverts. Misunderstanding these differences will put you on a path to burnout. WHY? Because relationships of all kinds are positively or negatively affected by the level of “charge” each person possesses in any moment. Keep someone from replenishing their inner energies and you have front row seats to the inevitable train wreck. It’s gonna happen.

Consider some of the relationships that can matter most in your life. Can you imagine your day working well if these interactions are not?!

. . . your marriage

. . . your children

. . . friendships

. . . teachers and their students

. . . boss and employees

. . . your own parents and siblings

Even being happily related to yourself is nearly impossible without taking clear steps to re-fuel your energies because the quality of your choices is directly affected. It’s nearly impossible to choose using your innate strengths over your self-made weaknesses when you’re drained.

In fact, there’s no bigger strain on your relationships than misunderstanding your own needs and the needs of others to re-charge.

AVOID BURNOUT with Step 1:  Understand how you re-charge

Don’t let pride get you to thinking you are immune to the effects of stress and draining energy. Even worse, don’t assume you know the most effective ways to get what you need.

If you are an extrovert,…

…you know you can’t get a re-boot just because you’re in a quiet scene. Being left alone to your own thoughts could actually drain you faster because it’s the interaction with others that gives you back the energy you need. You absorb the “good vibes” of the people around you and you need a lot of social interaction.

If you are an introvert,…

…you make your own energy, rather than taking it from others. Have you taken steps to get what you need each day? Find that quiet place at work, before school or on the way home. It’s going to take more than one because every interaction will drain you to some degree.


BE SOMEONE’S HERO with Step 2: Understand how others re-charge

Educate yourself on the important differences between your needs and that of your friends and family. Regardless of your own introversion or extroversion, you are a valuable person to know when you become skilled in the art of creating appropriate space for others to perform this critical, daily activity.

Stop the fighting and cure discouragement with understanding. You can help yourself and those you love when you know what the needs actually are.

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