The Intelligent Power Behind Being Emotional

Being Emotional

Did you know that being emotional actually makes you stronger?  Most people will tell you the opposite – that it weakens you in some way. Perhaps that’s due to misunderstanding the true power of being emotional. What’s more, there’s a big difference between displaying emotion and possessing emotion as an inner strength. One is a chosen action. The other, an essential part of some people’s inner design. Each of us must master the skill of choosing intelligent emotions. However, you may also possess the strength of emotion as part of your intelligent inner design. Either way, the Real You needs to know how to harness the power behind being emotional.

Does Acting Emotional Make You Weaker or Stronger?

Answer: It depends. Are the emotions you’re acting on intelligent, positive emotions?

Emotions are complicated! They are fast-acting, powerful forces that add color and dimension to every situation. Our technicolor life would be monotone without emotions. But here are some simple truths about them.


Whether you are weakened by them or strengthened by them is truly up to you.


It’s true. We often witness the damage and chaos in people’s lives caused by acting on negative emotions. Unintelligent, negative emotions harm you. They weaken your resolve and destroy relationships. They can kill positive emotions, like optimism, stone dead. Equally true is that your emotional intelligence is a very large part of your success in life. Without control over your emotions, they will certainly control you.

Want to master the skill of acting with intelligent emotions? Here’s a must-have guide by Ray W. Lincoln: INTELLIGENTLY EMOTIONAL


Is Emotion Your Design-Driven Inner Strength?

Q: Why is it so important to know if emotion is an actual part of your inner design? As long as the positive effects of choosing intelligent emotions are at work, what does it matter?

A: If you are emotional by design, the use of this inner strength is the most important key to your overall success in life.

  • The right use of this inner strength is critical to your healthy self-image and the essential skill of self-control.
  • The wrong use of this inner strength will block every path to your true potential.



  • Said, “I wish I could stop feeling so strongly about this. No one else seems to care as deeply. Why can’t I just let it go?!
    …you just might be emotional “by design” and PASSION is your healthy emotional fuel.


  • Wished you could take a magic pill that ended all the negative self-talk you routinely engage in
    …it may be time to flip the inner strength of emotion from being your major weakness back to being a true source of power for the Real You.


  • Recognized that you can go from feeling loving to hateful in 3 seconds flat
    …an advanced degree in emotional control just became essential learning for your best life!

Find Out if Emotion Is One of Your “Grab & Go” Inner Strengths

Does the Real You possess the inner strength of emotionIt’s time to find out. Because once you learn more about the Real You, you can get on with being the Real You.


  1. Grab a copy of INNERKINETICS by Ray Lincoln which will define more clearly the right use of your Inner Strengths.
  2. Learn how to develop this “GRAB & GO” inner strength of emotion.

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