The InnerKinetics of Being “NT”

Are you a calm and strategic thinker in most circumstances? Do you typically start a task or a project with the assumption that there’s a better, more efficient way? Perhaps the Real You thinks, feels, and acts like an NT. An NT’s world prioritizes innovation, efficiency, and logic. This is a world that’s easy to misunderstand. Simply put, things must make sense to an NT, or you won’t have their loyalty or cooperation. So, whether it’s you or someone important to you, understand all you can about the InnerKinetics of being “NT”.


Calm, Cool, and Confident?

If your default mode of operating is heavily dependent on tons of logic and independent analysis, you just might be an NT. Over the last few weeks, we’ve been exploring the InnerKinetics of each of the four core inner designs. Here are the two we’ve covered so far:

Regardless of whether you’re InnerKinetics® is SP, SJ, NT, or NF, the Real You is an amazing, strengths-driven person. Take this quick assessment to find out which strengths are driving you.  Record the 4-letter result you get from your assessment.

Did you have an N and a T as two of your four letters? That would mean your core design is “NT.”


Being NT

The Real You NT is a person, custom-built to discover, innovate, and streamline our world. They always start with an intriguing question like, “What if?” or “Why not?” In his book, “InnerKinetics of Type,” Dr. Ray Lincoln describes this ingenious design in greater detail. Intense curiosity is a cornerstone of the NT design, regardless of which type (ENTP, ENTJ, INTP or INTJ). Their innovative contributions to our world are irrefutable.  Could I be describing some of what makes you tick? Here’s even more based on your 4-letter NT type.



ENTPs are logical, clever, original, and inventive. Their curious mind and skeptical attitude combine to make them great analyzers of almost any theoretical system. As with all NTs, they exhibit confidence that they’ll be able to find a solution to any problem that may arise. Cool under pressure, their easy-going approach to people is seen as engaging and in good humor.



ENTJs are renowned for being very effective at maximizing the resources at their command. As natural leaders of people, they proceed in a positive, well-thought-out direction. They breathe confidence and others gain strength in their bold, attractive leadership style. They can manage complexity and multitask well. Strategy, order, efficiency, and consistency make them supremely pragmatic. Whether it’s leading an organization, developing a military strategy or managing the complexities of home life, the ENTJ will find ingenious and creative solutions.



INTPs are the architects of ideas and physical structures. They can stay singularly focused on analysis and details. And their intense imagination can keep them forever searching for new patterns and ideas. With an unmatched curiosity, they approach the world seeking to analyze it, figure it out, and then explain its intricacies to all.



INTJs are conceptualizers and contingency planners. With an eye on the long-term, they set strategic goals, form clear vision, and remain laser-focused. Fiercely independent, they’re skilled at finding the reasons behind things and then using those reasons in defense of their theories. INTJs love to be on the leading edge of research and mental adventure. They’re noted for their tunnel vision, love of logic, and calculating analytical minds.


Stress for the NT can be difficult to spot.

NTs are so confident, calm, and focused, it can make their stress a bit difficult to identify as actual stress. But just like the rest of us, stress can eat away at even the calmest of exteriors. And just as with any of the designs, there’s usually a trigger. For NTs, it’s confusing emotions from others that just don’t make sense. Yes, the proverbial “people problems” faced by any of us can be particularly frustrating when an NT can’t figure out why said people won’t follow their plans. Or worse, they thwart progress toward an NT’s goals.  Can you relate?

No worries! Stress can be successfully managed in the same way they tackle all other problems: with strategy and analysis. Come back next week as we learn more about managing stress the NT way.

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