Want a better new year? Add up all the little things.

12 things I love about you

Are you struggling like I am to “simplify” your traditional holiday frenzy? It seems like the effort to find balance during the holidays often creates even more anxiety than the imbalance itself. How are those obligatory New Year’s resolutions coming along? Don’t you love it when people tell you that many of your problems will be solved if you just learn to say “no” more often? It’s not really that easy, is it?  Regardless of whose advice you’re trying to take or whose proven tips you’re focused on implementing, I hope you’ll take this one truth with you into 2019:  There is no one thing you can do to create the change you’re looking for. It’s the sum of all the little things that will add up to a better new year.

Let’s do the math

If you’ve been tracking these articles for a while, it will not surprise you to hear what I say next. The little things that you choose every day, all day long, add up to the life you’re currently living. It’s the thoughts you choose to entertain, the beliefs upon which you choose to focus, and the emotions you choose to act upon that add up to a life the Real You can be proud of.  These are the little things that result in your big picture.

12 Things to Love About the Real You 

All too often, we lose sight of the “details” about ourselves. But it’s these details that make each of us truly a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. 

So, if you’re looking for a fun way to celebrate the twelve days of Christmas, or you want to upgrade your gift giving, try adding up the little things you love about your child, your spouse, or a parent. Try it on yourself, too! 

Or how about starting a new year off the right way? Upgrade those resolutions for a better new year with a focus on some things to absolutely love about the Real You.



  1. You are designed from the inside out to “win” and to find fulfillment, success, and happiness.
  2. Despite previous experiences that left you disappointed, you have a deep desire for connection.
  3. Creating even stronger relationships is possible because you can forgive those who’ve hurt you.
  4. There’s only ONE you. There will only ever be ONE you.
  5. You’re emotional.
  6. When you use your specific and unique gifts, you can make your mark on the world and be good for those around you.
  7. Should any weakness appear in hour life, you can eliminate it when you flip that weakness to an inner strength.
  8. Negative circumstances take on a positive direction and you encourage others when you show your hope for a better future.
  9. You have a purpose in this life and you’re driven to discover it.
  10. Your positive focus can fuel any positive change you want to see.
  11. The positive attributes you possess — your desires to be serious, have fun, make things better, and embrace the way things are — can all work together.
  12. Conquering evil is possible with your personal brand of love and kindness.

Upgrade to a better new year 

There’s a lot to love about you. Even if you don’t believe some of the things I’ve included in my list above, please do what you can to learn about how wonderful you really are — the Real You, I mean. Purpose to see some of these qualities come to live within you this year. These twelve not-so-little things get even more specific when you discover the details behind your amazing inner design. You can start the New Year off in the best way when you come to KNOW and BE the Real you.

Once you decide to do the math, you’ll need this help:

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