BREAK FREE – Chained to the Pains of the Past Is No Way to Live

Break Free

There’s no doubt about it, true freedom always comes at a price.  Just skim the pages of world history. It’s amazing to see what some men and women were willing to pay to win their freedom…and to keep it. Furthermore, it seems freedom comes in many forms. And some freedoms are more visible than others. Unfortunately, it’s these less obvious forms that are easier to lose. What’s more, they can have the most damaging effects. Perhaps one of the most profound losses of freedom is through unforgiveness. Are you holding on to hurts of the past? Don’t let unforgiveness create a prison that keeps you from your passions, your purpose, and a fulfilling life. You can BREAK FREE once you know this…


Are you stuck?

We can get stuck in our hurts – so much so that a mountain of helpful, but very general advice does us no good.

So how do we move on when everything inside us says that to do so will gloss over the other person’s responsibility in the offense? 

How can we genuinely forgive if doing so might risk justice never being served?

According to a compelling guide by Dr. Ray W. Lincoln, we can get unstuck. We can do it without sacrificing our strong feelings and values if we understand forgiveness correctly and use the strengths we’ve been given to achieve it.


Discover the role your strengths can play in forgiveness

Your inner design (or InnerKinetics®) reveals solutions custom-made for your success in letting go of the hurts of the past.  The intelligent use of inner strengths drives and motivates these solutions. Therefore, discovering your inner design and its strengths is an essential first-step:

Once you have your results, grab a copy of BREAK FREE! and follow along for the next couple of weeks as we go through the steps each of us can take to break the chains of unresolved hurt and unforgiveness.



Holding on to hurts of the past creates a prison from which we must break free. And, admittedly, it’s not easy! However, knowing how you were designed to forgive is a major advantage. Learn more about this critical action for every successful and free person’s life:


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