Finding gold or flinging mud? Bring out their best at work.

Bring out their best

It’s easy to get sidetracked when an emotionally charged situation at work brings out someone’s worst, right? It happens once and you find a way to reason your way out of the muddy pit of negative they’ve created. “They must be having a really bad day,” you say. It happens again and you’re getting a bit worried or fighting offense. Maybe you’re even starting to give up on them or thinking of clever ways to give them a taste of the proverbial mud pie they’ve stirred up. Did you make a bad hire? It’s possible. But most of us decide we owe it to our team to do everything we can to resolve the problem. Here are 3 steps any leader on any level can take in the workplace to see past the mud and find gold in your employees or colleagues. Bring out their best.


Bring out Their Best with These 3 Steps

1. Make understanding your highest priority.

Understanding WHO you have on your team cannot be overrated. Whether you have an employee who is poisoning your workplace with negative behavior or a star team member who needs more challenge, you can sort it out with understanding. There’s a huge difference between their innate strengths and their self-made weaknesses. If you want to bring out their best, focus on their strengths rather than their weaknesses that muddy up working relationships and job performance.

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2. Give them the right opportunities.

Are you setting the stage to see their best?
You can build the right opportunity around positive expectations and require them to correctly use their strengths.  Or you can build the wrong opportunity around expectations that will produce more negative behavior and mud flinging.

For example: Are you working with someone who prefers spontaneous action over careful analysis?
Maybe they are an “SP.” (Use the InnerKinetics assessment tool to find out.) Help them do something they are already designed to do. Call on their optimism and resourcefulness to identify what they believe they should do right now to correct the problem. Set the stage and you can witness design-driven strengths produce a real-time solution to your real-world problem.

What if you’re working with those who prefer sensitive, thoughtful communication over direct, hard-hitting feedback?
Maybe that person is an “NF.” Again, the solution is found as they take the opportunity to act on the preferences and strengths that drive them from the inside out. They naturally desire successful workplace connections. As the natural catalysts for change in your workplace, give them the space to solve the problem by using their empathy, diplomacy, and kindness.

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3. Provide a clear choice.

Acting on innate strengths or self-made weaknesses is a choice each person on your team must make. Do your part by making that choice as clear as possible. Using their strengths as leverage, paint a picture of what their success looks like. Then, you can move forward with confidence knowing that you did everything you could to bring out their best.

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