CALM – The Emotional Edge of an “NT”

CALM – The Emotional Edge of an “NT”

Do you long for a day that you feel 100% in control of your thoughts?  Can you have a day where no matter what’s thrown your way, you have a quiet resolve to continue your path without disruption? Quiet resolve is a common goal for anyone who seeks a smart, efficient use of time and energy. Most people think it’s a state of mind that can only be achieved with discipline and constant focus. In fact, this resolve is more about the intelligent use of emotion – one in particular. The importance of this elusive emotional strength cannot be overstated. Many of us work hard to acquire it. But for some, it’s a major advantage they naturally possess. What is this proverbial “ace in the pocket”? It’s CALM – the emotional edge of an “NT.”


An “NT”? What in the real world is that?

NT is one of the four core, inner designs that can drive a human. There’s only about 8% of people walking the earth who can claim this amazing set of inner strengths as their natural hard wiring. But if you have an NT close to you (a spouse, friend, family member or co-worker), you have someone  that you need to know and better understand. So learn as much as you can about the amazing mental and emotional world of the NT.

Not only are NTs much less common than the two other inner designs we’ve recently discussed ( SJs and SPs), but NTs live by an entirely different code. Their mindset is governed by the pursuit of their goals and the efficient use of resources. Any situation can represent a challenge for which they are ready to find a better, more ingenious way of achieving the task.


My husband is an NT. It doesn’t matter whether it’s making coffee, filling up the gas tank, or mowing the lawn, he has a faster, better, more efficient way of getting the job done.  It’s wonderful! And, if you disagree with the new, better NT protocol . . . it can also be a “crazy-maker”! It took me a few years to fully appreciate this gift of his because sometimes it felt to me like he simply thought I couldn’t do anything well. And further, he didn’t seem to consider how his improvements might leave me feeling. Turns out, it wasn’t that he thought I wasn’t smart enough to do it. He just naturally assumed I’d appreciate his tactical ingenuity.

Interacting with an NT can give you an up-close view of just how much of their behavior is set on mental, rather than emotional, influences. They have a strong will and are determined to find smart solutions to important problems. This explains why they are also known as the inner design that is naturally gifted in technological advances of all kinds.

Do you have an NT in your life? Do you have a colleague, or even your own child, who wants to make their day (and yours) more efficient? They want things to make more sense and they use the most creative ways to solve problems. It truly is a beautiful thing and you are lucky if you know and love an NT.

Perhaps you are the NT. If you don’t know, discover which one of the four core inner designs is driving and motivating you every day.


Calm is an “ace in your pocket.”

Whether it’s pursuing a cure for cancer or making coffee, NTs cannot just shut off their inner drives to use creativity and intense curiosity to find solutions. Calm is their healthy emotional fuel. They need calm to avoid a mind mired down in panic, fear and anger.  These emotions rarely lead to a viable solution.

Are you an NT and accused of having ice in your veins?  Your cool and collected demeanor is actually an “ace in your pocket.” It’s the result of using the emotion of “calm” correctly. And it’s a major advantage in parenting, in the workplace and even in relationships.

Can you be calm in the face of an emotionally charged crisis (even when everyone else is freaking out)?  Absolutely.  If you are a healthy NT, it’s your automatic reaction.

If you are not an NT, calm is still yours for the choosing. But it requires an important action on your part. Ready for it?

 PAUSE . . . and let your logic catch up to your emotion.


Have you said or thought any of these lately? You could be an NT:

  • “I think I may be the only one here that really understands the best way to achieve this goal.”
  • “Why are they so upset? It doesn’t make any sense!”
  • “I told them what do about it. What do they mean when they say I don’t care?”
  • “Let’s think outside the box for a moment.”


The NT’s QUICK GUIDE to operating with the intelligence of calm

We’ve introduced the InnerKinetics® Quick Guide to Operating with Intelligent Caution and the SP’s® Quick Guide to Operating with Intelligent Optimism.  If you are an NT, it’s time to ensure that the fuel you are using in daily life is efficient and intelligent. Use your emotional “ace in the pocket” properly. Do this:


  • Let your logic catch up to your emotions. Emotions act fast and can influence you before you are even aware of how you are feeling. Once your logic and intelligent emotions are working together, you can be calm and confident that your next step is a good decision.
  • Remember that calm is a choice you can make. It’s more than a state of mind; it’s an intelligent emotional response to things that are out of your control.


  • Keep believing in the positive benefits of rational responses. Pair your logical thinking with kindness and others will appreciate it.
  • Savor your calm spirit when it reveals itself. It’s one of the reasons others  appreciate you.
  • Keep developing control over your emotions.


There’s much more to learn about operating with the emotional edge of CALM. So check out these resources:

1. Intelligently Emotional
2. INNERKINETICS – Your Blueprint to Excellence and Happiness


Next week, we’ll learn how an “NF” uses the healthy emotional fuel of PASSION to create their vibrant, emotional world.

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