Does your idealism have you aiming too high, or not high enough?

When it comes to setting goals, how’s your aim? Unrealistically high, not high enough, or just right? Many of us misunderstand our inner strengths and how directly they’re involved in our everyday life.  In fact, your sense of fulfillment, healthy self-image, your happiness, successes, and failures are all driven by

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Ensure your determination leads to answers, not obstacles.

Does your determination and a strong will help you discover answers? Is your strong will ever mistaken for stubbornness? It’s a line that’s easy to cross. After all, determination is a powerful mix of mental decision, fierce focus, and emotional commitment. You can’t meet your most important goals without it.

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Your inner strengths in action

Can you see a gap between your greatest potential and your present reality? Close that gap by leveraging your innate life-accelerating drives. Are you experiencing a sense of fulfillment from the ways you spend your time? Activate the inner strengths you uniquely express. Regardless of the roles you’re performing in

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If you’re going to fall, better fall up

Positive personal change can feel pretty disorienting. In fact, big changes that reshuffle your priorities, methods, and relationships can even feel like a free fall. Ever experienced this sensation? Even trying to restore aspects of yourself back to their original “settings” can leave you stumbling to regain your footing. But

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Intimate relationship, man and woman holding hands

Is Your Most Prized Possession Your Intimate Relationship?

If your intimate relationship is feeling anything but intimate and wonderful right now, you may be questioning your alternatives.  Stop right there!  Take a closer look!  Even if your relationship is in a great place, you might want to listen up, too.  That rocky relationship can turn around.  And that

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