Teaching others things you're still learning

Can you teach things you’re still learning?

This week, I had the privilege of spending time with an exceptional group of K-12 educators. As we discussed their varied challenges in today’s classroom, it renewed my appreciation for the complexity and the weight of what teachers take on every day. It’s amazing! It takes courage to come alongside

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Understanding What Feelers Think

Invaluable Intel: Understanding What Feelers Think

Understanding what “Feelers” think about good decisions is valuable intel. In fact, it’s essential if eliminating the costs of misunderstanding is important to you. Do you lead teams, inspire organizations, influence tomorrow’s pioneers or direct the activities of an active, pacesetting family? It’s likely you can answer “yes” to more

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It's your turn to go back to school

The Kids Are Back to School . . . Now It’s Your Turn

Have you noticed just how much of your healthy lifestyle centers around learning? The people best known as “successful” devote themselves to learning something new every day. And thanks to the techie-oriented world we live in, there’s a virtually unlimited collection of educational resources available. Do you subscribe to the

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Re-charge inner resources the right way

With so many ways to re-charge . . . how do you choose what really works?

Your emotional batteries are completely flat. Do you know what to do? Is your current strategy for a re-charge working? If you follow the preferences of others, rather than your own, you won’t actually get what you really need. Overcome the “Daily Burn” with the right “Daily Boost”! Learn which

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