Thinking About Emotions

Formalize Your Thinking About Emotions, The Mysterious Side of the Brain

To understand emotion is to understand who we are and to comprehend something of the complexity of ourselves.  Emotion heats up in us for pleasure and pain every day we live, and it does so many times each day.  But it doesn’t rise to the same intensity in all of

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What is truth?

Sounds Great, But What Is the Truth?

Freedom from being judged is the in-vogue belief these days.  Children, adults, and I have even heard professors say things that amount to a foolish revelation: “Don’t judge me” or  “You can’t tell me what is right and wrong.”  It’s just what the doctor ordered for the “liberated, unrestricted” mind! 

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Be Responsible. Make this World Better

Freedom Is Great!  So Is Having to Be Responsible!

The Crooked Fact Some crooked thinkers (incomplete thinkers) tell us we don’t choose anything and that our choices are chemically made for us.  Yes, and these theories are being taught as scientific facts to our youth!  As an example, I just completed a course, produced by The Great Courses and

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Own the Consequences

Don’t Own the Consequences — and What’s Next?  

What does life look like for those who don’t believe they must accept the results of their choices and own the consequences of whatever those choices bring to them?  Let’s sample the life of a loser.   “Blame Game Experts” Don’t Own the Consequences Losers are the experts at the

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Absolute Freedom of Expression

Absolute Freedom of Expression — Tell me about it!

The culture of our day (influenced and supported by postmodernist beliefs) repudiates the imposition of any moral standards, the idea of a Creator God, and the acknowledgment of absolute or universal truths.  Its mantra is the assertion of absolute freedom of expression. Marketing Absolute Freedom of Expression Absolute freedom of

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