Absolute Freedom of Expression

Absolute Freedom of Expression — Tell me about it!

The culture of our day (influenced and supported by postmodernist beliefs) repudiates the imposition of any moral standards, the idea of a Creator God, and the acknowledgment of absolute or universal truths.  Its mantra is the assertion of absolute freedom of expression. Marketing Absolute Freedom of Expression Absolute freedom of

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I'm a Keeper - Living by Design

An Introduction to “I’m a Keeper – Living by Design”

Welcome to the new podcast, “I’m a Keeper — Living by Design.” In this first episode, Dr. Ray W. Lincoln lays the foundation for what will become an ongoing monthly conversation with you, the listener. In the first series, we’ll focus on parenting and how to truly understand your child

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That Magic Question

Now Is a Great Time to Ask That Magic Question

On just about any topic that matters, our world is unstable right now. But that doesn’t mean you have to feel or act that way. In fact, is it really any different now, than it’s been during important inflection points in human history? Viruses have always been around. Political instability

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True tolerance includes a diversity of views, interaction and working together for a common purpose in spite of the differences.

Is Tolerance All It Is Thought To Be?  Is There Something Better?

(This article is in two parts and each will support the other). We are being told the world needs to be tolerant of all beliefs and all opinions.  Postmodernism’s claim that their beliefs produce a higher level of tolerance is patently false.   Tolerance of All Leads to World Peace

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Our Culture: LGBTQ person

Our Culture and How To Confront It as Individuals and Parents

All of us — especially parents — are concerned about our culture because we face the imposition of the unreal values of this cultural revolution.  Realistically, it is impossible to cover all of the changes postmodernism has infused into our society.  It has changed political thinking, educational curriculums, daily life,

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Truth Keeps You Free

The Truth Keeps You Free

Over the last few weeks, the team at InnerKinetics has been making a solid case for straight thinking. As opposed to crooked thinking (which leads to deception) straight thinking helps you uncover truth. Transformational habits, emotional control, and real-world, real-time solutions are just a few of the valuable outcomes from

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The Truths You Hold

The Truths You Hold to Be Self-Evident Matter

The truths you hold as evident really matter because you act on them. The United States just celebrated 245 years of independence. It got me considering just how important it is to be completely centered on the kind of thinking described as “straight thinking.” I mean, using your rational brain,

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