Truth Keeps You Free

The Truth Keeps You Free

Over the last few weeks, the team at InnerKinetics has been making a solid case for straight thinking. As opposed to crooked thinking (which leads to deception) straight thinking helps you uncover truth. Transformational habits, emotional control, and real-world, real-time solutions are just a few of the valuable outcomes from

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The Truths You Hold

The Truths You Hold to Be Self-Evident Matter

The truths you hold as evident really matter because you act on them. The United States just celebrated 245 years of independence. It got me considering just how important it is to be completely centered on the kind of thinking described as “straight thinking.” I mean, using your rational brain,

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Manage Emotions

Manage Emotions to Strengthen the Grip on Yourself

Keep three words in mind when you want to use more tools to teach yourself and others the management of emotions. They are: distract, disconnect, reframe.  All three are ways to change our focus, thus robbing our emotions of their energy.  Starved, they wane and die — at least for a

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happy couple, healthy emotions

Healthy Emotions! What Is Their Value?

Emotional Control (continued)  Have you ever noticed that happy people tend to control their emotions better than angry people?  I wonder why?  Happiness produces a state of relaxation and in comparison, anger produces a state of tension.  While happiness produces a positive attitude, anger creates a strong focus on what

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What the World Needs Now: Love, not hate

Crooked Thinking Is In Air That Is Thick with Hate

You may remember the song “What the World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love.”  It’s never been in greater need.  Crooked thinking leads to crooked speaking, and hate in the heart will produce crooked thinking any day.  Continuing from our previous discussions, in the next few articles, we will dig

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Finding Truth

Finding Truth Without an Abundance of Evidence

Straight Thinking About Facts — Part 2 There’s even more to straight thinking about facts than the issues to which I referred in my last article.  We must consider how we will proceed when evidence is unavailable.  What do we rely on to determine whether we are considering verifiable facts

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