Fear is a focus problem

Could Fear Be a Focus Problem?

Have you encountered the power of FEAR lately? Have you found yourself struggling to not let it take hold of your mindset or your responses? There’s no doubt that the current circumstances give us plenty of practice in not partnering with fear. And, we’ve heard countless inspiring podcasts, sermons and

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Managing NT Stress

Hey There, NTs, Manage Your Stress with Ease

Are you typically a calm, confident NT? If so, it’s likely those around you don’t see your stress expressed outwardly very often. But if the Real You thinks, feels and acts “NT,” you know there’s nothing more stressful than being kept from your goals — or worse, constantly changing circumstances

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Managing SJ Stress

Hey There, SJs: Manage Stress Your Own Ways

Hey SJs, are stress and unproductive worry hijacking your sense of security? Is it annoying when people remind you that you can’t control everything? We’re in unstable times. Prolonged uncertainty and constant change can overtake even the most steady, focused planners. So if you’re finding it difficult to worry less

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