Young woman looking through eyeglasses. Isolated on white.

The One Thing Everyone Needs to Know

We’ve been talking about the importance of learning new things. But with our fast-forward lives, continued learning can easily take a back seat. So with limited time and almost limitless options, let’s simplify and prioritize. There’s something to know about yourself that’s so important, it affects nearly every decision you

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Are we there yet?

Are We There Yet? And Other Easy Questions with Complicated Answers

If you’ve traveled much this summer, you’ve no doubt been asked or you’ve overheard the famous, “Are we there yet?” question. I love taking note of the answers I’ve heard to that one. They can be so entertaining. It’s an easy question to ask, but answering it can get complicated.

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Choosing Strengths

Are You Choosing Strengths over Weakness?

Did you know every healthy choice you make starts with your use of inner strength? Setting trivial choices aside (like coffee preferences, shoe color, or toothpaste brand), let’s break down the anatomy of good choices and, more importantly, how meaningful choices with lasting consequences all start the same way. They

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Being Emotional

The Intelligent Power Behind Being Emotional

Did you know that being emotional actually makes you stronger?  Most people will tell you the opposite – that it weakens you in some way. Perhaps that’s due to misunderstanding the true power of being emotional. What’s more, there’s a big difference between displaying emotion and possessing emotion as an

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