Change the World by Changing How We Think

Change the World

Here’s an age-old remedy for diseases of the mind:  Change the way you think and you change who you are.  Furthermore, when you change who you are, you change the world around you.  “It won’t work,” you say?  Well, maybe you don’t know what to change or how to change it.  Or perhaps you don’t realize why what we think and talk about becomes so readily “us.”

Where Do We Start to Change the World?

You may have wondered at times why your children don’t act and think like you.  It may be because they are different from you.  However, it is also because they are subjected, unwittingly, to a brainwashing of sorts.  Our culture is the agent.  Technology — its games, its language, the films they see, and the world you don’t want them to see or hear — influences your children before they have the wherewithal to make sound, sensible judgments.  Consequently, it’s a constant fight to correct the wrong and unhelpful influences that this technology-driven culture has brought into the home.

Are you tired of their lies?  Tired of getting angry with your children’s devious arguments?  Frustrated and tired of all the questionable “help” your child is getting from others?

Can the parent do anything in the wake of this tsunami that has swept across our minds?  Yes.

So what do you do and where do you start to change our world and theirs for the better?

You Can Be the Agent to Change the World

A new book is coming, designed to, first, inform how we got to where we are.  For parents, it will offer much-needed help in guiding and training their children’s minds — upgrading the parent from merely watchful a guide and caretaker of bodies.  There is little correction to crooked thinking to be found in the educational system these days.  In fact, seldom is honest, straight thinking even taught.  The simple tools and takeaway points that follow each chapter are the starting place to your becoming the PI of false thinking and the model of straight thinking.  It is a guide to your becoming the mentor to the personal honesty and freedom of your child’s mind — and your own.

Your Tool to Effect the Change You Want to See

This book is not a philosophical treatise. However, it will now and then point to the cause of spurious thinking born in the minds of biased philosophers.  It is written so that the layperson will grasp and use the knowledge to change their own thinking, if needed, and help correct the thinking of others.

  • The book offers to every adult a guide to thinking through personally held beliefs in order to provide affirmation or reason to rethink and change beliefs where desired.
  • “Adults and Parents On a Mission” is a good mission statement and the reason for reading this book.  It offers parents the tools to help them achieve their parenting mind-development tasks successfully.  It aids the goal of teaching “how” to think, rather than “what” to think.

Who Am I?In my new book Who Am I?, I describe how we have become “crooked thinkers” and how to break out of this prison of the mind to become instruments of change for a better world by recognizing the source of our value as humans.  You can get your copy HERE.  (Psst!  Subscribers to my weekly updates can receive a 15% discount and free shipping from that link!)

Lean into the whole truth by discovering the truth of who YOU are — the “Real You” — and who your children truly are.  Discover how to best engage your children in finding the whole truth.  Our team at InnerKinetics is ready to provide that help.  If you’d like some assistance, you can request a consultation and an InnerKinetics consultant will call you to answer questions and schedule your meeting. Schedule an Initial Consultation. If you are more independent and want to cut to the chase, you need not wait for a call back because you can get answers to your questions and schedule your session HERE.

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