Clean-Water Thinking for the “Just Do It” You

Clean-Water Thinking for the “Just Do It” You

In the previous post, I gave you 3 Daily “DO ITs” to keep your self-image crystal clear. The second step was all about “Clean-Water Thinking.” I’ve got good news, and I’ve got bad news. The good news is: Everything you need for clean-water thinking is already yours. The bad news is: Although I hinted at the key to your success, I didn’t mention that this kind of thinking can be difficult to hold onto. Let’s dig in and think about what it takes to INSIST on clean-water thoughts.


INSIST on Clean-Water Thinking

Shouldn’t it be easier to align yourself with the “Real You” kind of thinking

Hard things worth doing usually don’t come without hard-fought thinking paving the way first. The REAL, “Just-do-it” version of you IS very real. The thoughts and beliefs that align with the Real You are no joke. It’s the ONLY thinking the Real You can afford.



Why bother with thinking that doesn’t come easy?

Remember, your mind is like a cup of water. It’s either getting muddy and contaminated from thoughts that aren’t true or consistent with the Real You. Or it’s getting clearer and clearer with every thought that’s aligned with the strengths and attributes of the Real You.

When challenges present themselves, do you find it difficult to keep positive thinking from going negative?

That’s totally normal. But if you insist on upgrading your thoughts to those aligned with the strengths of the Real You, the negative ones MUST GO. After all, we can only focus on one thing at a time.


KNOW What Clean-Water Thinking Is

Here are some straight facts:

  1. The quality of your actions results from the quality of your thinking.
  2. Expressing your God-given inner strengths (through actions) and eliminating
    self-made weaknesses result in the Real You.
  3. Your inner strengths are the source of clean-water thinking.





Cody has the “SP” inner design. He has a package of inner strengths that include spontaneity and impulsivity.

So “clean-water” thoughts for Cody to insist upon must consider the real value these two strengths hold for him and others. Here are some examples of the thinking he needs to entertain and focus upon:

  • “Although my spontaneity can be misunderstood by those more cautious than myself, it is the foundation of my creativity and I must use it to my advantage.”
  • “The right use of my spontaneity and impulse provides me room to move and experience freedom and positive change.”
  • “Used correctly, my spontaneity enables my quick response to circumstances that require action and positive change. Spontaneity is essential to developing my tactical insights, which are of tremendous value to my entire team.”


PRACTICE Clean-Water Thinking Every Day

The thinking I just outlined is true for Cody and anyone else who is blessed with the SP inner design. I could take any of the SP’s inner strengths and turn them into clean-water thinking. This is the thinking that keeps us functioning the way we were designed to function. It keeps our self-image crystal clear and the motivated, forward-thinking, “JUST-DO-IT” version of us in the driver’s seat.

Regardless of your inner design (a.k.a, your InnerKinetics®), you possess innate drives and strengths that are the source of your clean-water thinking. This is the kind of thinking that keeps you at your very best.

  1. Discover your inner design.
  2. Learn about the right use of your inner strengths. INNERKINETICS – Your Blueprint to Excellence and Happiness
  3. Practice developing clean-water thinking every day.

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