Cracking the Code of Your Inner Design

Cracking the Code of Your Inner Design

Have you ever wished you could “decode” your own thoughts and feelingsTrying to change behaviors you don’t like or trying to form new habits can feel like you’re dealing with secret code that not even a team of experts can crack! And just to complicate things, co-workers, kids, spouses, and friends all seem to have their own secret code too. Connection to others, the motivation for positive change, and even the health of your self-image all depend upon knowing how to crack the code of your inner design.


The code of your inner design isn’t really a secret.

Last week, we talked about how your InnerKinetics®represents a sort of personal code. Not only does this code affect your healthy conduct, it provides all the information you need for making positive changes in your life and becoming the very best version of yourself. It’s pretty exciting stuff.

In past posts, we’ve also talked about an important difference between your InnerKinetics and other tools available for discovering how you are hard-wired to think, feel and act. It’s worth mentioning again.  Your InnerKinetics is all about your inner strengths – not your self-made weaknesses. Understand the right use of your inner strengths and you’ve unlocked a blueprint for your success.

But sometimes, you have to break it all down and look at things piece by piece. So let’s do that. Let’s take a look at the code of your inner design so you understand a little more about why your design is truly a picture of strength, fulfillment, and success.


First, grab your results

If you’ve never taken the FREE InnerKinetics assessment, now is the perfect time. Complete this quick exercise and come right back so we can talk about whether you are an “E” or an “I.” The meaning of these letters may be very different than you what you’ve heard.


Decoding the first part – Are you E or I?

Now that you have your results, let’s clarify what many misunderstand about “E’s” or Extroverts and “I’s” or Introverts.  It does NOT have anything to do with whether you are a social person. It’s merely about how you replenish your inner energies once your “battery” is flat.

These quick links will explain why knowing this about yourself is so critical to managing your stress levels, as well as maintaining connection and harmony in all of your relationships:


Next week, crack the second part of your inner code. How you gather information from the world around you affects every area of your life!



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