Achieving Connection in Sales and Service

Connecting in sales and service

Making a connection in sales and service requires knowledge and understanding of people

Knowing how to close a sale and/or service a client with the unspoken advantage of making that client feel at home with you is a skill from which all sales people could benefit.  Achieving connection in sales and service is what breeds customer loyalty.  That is what InnerKinetics is all about:  the knowledge and understanding of people to reach them effectively and achieve connection.

The sales person who reminds their prospect of people they have felt “disconnected” from must depend upon only the product’s features to make a sale.  But people deal and interact with people, and what that fact means can be a deciding factor in the sales process.  The canned approach of a car sales person or the attitude of a sales person who is all about their product and disinterested in their prospective buyer works against the seller.  The customer support representative who provides only the canned responses produces an immediate disconnect with the customer who has experienced a problem with their product or service and that customer is likely to seek out another source next time or, worse yet, give a bad review to the current company and product.


Representatives who relate successfully with prospects are worth their weight in gold.

A company must sell its product or service and, therefore, cannot ignore the importance of sales people who relate successfully with the prospect. They are invaluable to a business.  Sales people need all the skills and advantages that they can muster.  Besides, don’t most of us want to establish a lasting relationship with our customers and clients?

Knowing the customer or client’s preferences (produced by their temperament) is the way to really connect with them.  Is it possible to know the temperament of another person without their completing an assessment of some sort?  For the person who studies temperament and the wealth of information it gives, the answer is a certain “yes.”  Here is a fast track that will set your representatives on the path of connectedness with their prospects.

  1. Tell them, “First understand yourself, so complete the InnerKinetics Temperament Key.”   
  2. Then, learn about your own InnerKinetics (temperament) and what the other three temperaments are.  Begin watching for one feature at a time of each temperament  as you interact with people.  Show them how you appreciate who they are, even when they are different from you.  Observe how the client reacts.  Observant sales people can soon become people experts.  This is the great learning curve called “Learning in the University of Experience!”
  3. Attend an “InnerKinetics in Sales and Service” workshop and be well on the way to extraordinary sales and service success.

Excel at sales and service with the skills of InnerKinetics.

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