Coronavirus Chaos and Considerations


How have you fared during the coronavirus “lockdown”? Have you learned some things you did not expect? Were they things you learned about yourself as much as about how to care for your own health and that of your family? Have you begun to consider making some changes for your future? Perhaps, like many, your own mortality moved to the forefront of thought. And like many, how you work, travel, recreate and socialize have come under scrutiny as well as what you value. Let’s take a look at one of the factors affecting your coronavirus chaos and considerations.

Who you are on the inside made a difference to how you reacted to the coronavirus chaos

If you’ve completed the InnerKinetics® Temperamet Key, in your profile, you found that you were either an extrovert or an introvert. Depending on which one you are, it made a real difference to how you reacted to the lockdown. This change of lifestyle, for many, brought on much coronavirus chaos and the determination that making it a permanent arrangement will never happen. For others, there were considerations that it would be worthwhile to put some effort into assuring it would be permanent.

Let’s start with the introverts

How was it to move to a work-at-home situation?

The introvert in situation #1

If you’re in “lock down” with your partner (and perhaps your children as well) and you are an introvert, you may have considered the “We’re all in this together” mantra with terror. If you have an extroverted mate who wants to be at your side constantly (and your 4-year-old wants your attention as well), you may be experiencing a high degree of coronavirus chaos. You have no “space” to call your own where you can retreat to recharge. You probably were ready to return to your quiet office after one day — or maybe even one hour.

Being “together” became part of the problem. The little things seemed much bigger than before. The kids were fighting even more and it seemed much more than sibling rivalry. (Hint: It is!) If some of the children are extroverts  and some are introverts (which is probable), the extroverts are invading their introverted sibling’s space and both you and your introverted child are fighting for your lives.

Yes, it’s that serious. We must be able to recharge our “batteries.” And the extroverts need to bow to the introvert’s needs because when the extrovert’s battery is drained, there is always some reserve left. But when an introvert’s battery is drained, it is drained all the way.

Did you realize this conflict existed? Your new environment just taught you something about yourself, at least.

The introvert in situation #2

On the other hand, if you are an introvert and moved to your quiet home from a cubicle in a busy office where the guy in the next cubicle was constantly interrupting you to chitchat, you probably found the new environment a welcome respite and became enormously productive. You may feel happier than ever and are trying to find a way to continue “working from home.”

What about the extroverts?

The extrovert in situation #1

If you are an extrovert who is used to working with a team or interacting with customers and clients personally, what if you found yourself locked down alone (or with an introverted mate who needs space) and unable to interact in order to recharge your battery?  The scenario is one you want to end as soon as possible. You developed cabin fever very quickly and were itching to collaborate — or even just “shoot the breeze” with someone.

The extrovert in situation #2

However, if you were locked down with your spouse and children, the main problem may have been focusing on “work.” You may have found yourself enjoying the ability to constantly “recharge your battery.” Another problem may have been the “prickliness” of a spouse or child who is an introvert and needed some space — peace and quiet to recharge their easily depleted inner batteries.


If you had difficulty dealing with it…

Understanding this one fact about yourself (whether you are an extrovert or introvert) will be very helpful to your own peace of mind and to maintaining good relationships with those who may have to share the same “cell” with you during the lockdown.  It can also help with countless other social situations.

If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to find out how you are made on the inside — who you are at the core. And it is something that will benefit you for the rest of your life, not just in this crisis situation.

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