Course Corrections in Life: Too far, or not far enough?

Course corrections in life

Have you ever taken your course corrections in life a little too far? I’m talking about those times where you see an alarming difference between where you’re headed and where you really want to go. But in attempting to make a change, you don’t go far enough, or you go too far the other direction and create a new problem. It begs the question, how do you make important changes in the ways you think, feel, and act without creating more problems?

It can be so tricky, given the complexity of our human system, not to mention the effects our changes make on all the other humans around us. Making course corrections in life doesn’t have to be a daunting challenge. You possess some very sophisticated “controls” that serve to guide you.

You and Neil Armstrong have something in common.

In a recent post, we talked about your inner autopilot and how even the smallest changes can have major effects on our lives. Space shuttle pilots and hero astronauts throughout history can attest to just how critical it is to make course corrections through the finest of adjustments.

Remember that moment when Neil Armstrong was trying to land on the moon? The targeted landing site was about to be overshot by four miles as he took manual control and had to make some fast and finely tuned adjustments. Too quick of descent, and he’s landing in a crater the size of a football field. Too slow, and he’s overshot the next option and no longer has enough fuel to get back to the Apollo 11 command module!  Mr. Armstrong had to get it right up in space. But he had the same problems to solve as you do down here on earth. Course corrections in life require small adjustments with a light touch.


One of the essential course corrections in life you’ll need to get right.

Have you experienced how easy it is to “over correct” and go too far in the opposite direction? Take the essential skill of clear communication, for example.


It’s smart to make sure you course correct your communications whenever you sense you’re going off track. Whether it’s managing teams of people, parenting a band of fast forward kids, or creating a healthy marriage, you must master clear and open communication. Since good communication is at the heart of every healthy relationship, you risk making a positive impact on those around you without it. In fact, our own well-being and sense of fulfillment in life are rooted in successful relationships with clear communications. But here’s how it can get a little “wonky”:

You’re off course and you’re not communicating enough. So you leave others to figure out what you’re trying to do without any understanding of your intentions, your motives, or your goals. Their separate frame of reference (very different from your own), causes them to interpret your actions using their own lens. They may read you correctly. Or they may jump to wrong conclusions and completely misinterpret your actions.

You make a change, but now you’re over-communicating. This can be just as much of a problem. Without a communication filter that’s calibrated with empathy and understanding, you’re speaking your mind whether the other person needed to know your thoughts or not. All sorts of damage in relationships come when you haven’t set the requirement that you share your thoughts with the goal of really being understood, rather than just heard.

Your course correction will be just right when you use your inner strengths. We can rely on our inner design-driven strengths to serve as a guide to making course adjustments. Once you know your inner design, it reveals a package of strengths. We can use these strengths to make our changes with just the right touch.


Your Inner Strengths and that “Goldilocks” Moment

Your inner strengths are the precision instruments you can use to keep yourself on course. If you think about it, it’s a lot like the very thing Goldilocks was going for: that sweet spot in the middle, where small changes have really positive outcomes.

If you’re designed to create authentic, meaningful relationships as a major goal in your life, you could possess the “NF” design. This also means you can design your clear communications to rely on your inner strengths of intuition and sensitivity. These are just two of the strengths innate to your design and they serve as those highly sophisticated controls you can use to make fine adjustments. In fact, communication is an area in which you can be particularly gifted through the right use of these strengths


If you are an NF, it’s time to learn more about the inner strengths you possess. And more importantly, how to operate these reliable controls to keep your communications and your relationships on track. Consider this guide, written just for you: The Real You NF


You may have a very different set of strengths that help you get these course corrections in your communications JUST RIGHT.  We all need our Goldilocks Moment of not too much and not too little.


Regardless of your answer to my question, “Are you an NF?” – it’s time to uncover the inner strengths you can rely on to guide you through just the right course correction in your communications.  Learn more about the inner design you’re using every moment of every day with this free assessment.


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Discover more about the inner strengths you need for just the right course corrections in life.

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