Daily “DO ITs” for a Crystal-Clear Self-Image

Can you remember a time when you made a positive, bold choice on your own behalf that today’s version of you would have trouble making again? What’s that aboutDid you really change that much? Now that more positive, confident thinking is needed once again to make a positive change in your life, why can’t you “JUST DO IT”?  If you’re wondering where the more confident, focused, perhaps less fearful version of you has wandered off to, consider three choices that lead to the “JUST-DO-IT You” and a crystal-clear self-image.

“Just-Do-It” You vs. “Just-Run-from-It” You

Previously, we offered 3 signs that could indicate your self-image is way too low.  Let it go too low and good choices become very difficult. This is true because a healthy self-image is the motivation you need to make good choices on your own behalf.

I believe most of us can think back to at least a couple of past decisions with some healthy pride. But we also have to own up to a few cringe-worthy decisions, too. So what was the difference between “the you” that made decisions you’re proud of and “the you” that considered joining witness protection rather than face bad-decision fallout?

You got it . . .

The biggest difference was the state of your self-image. Since self-image is a measure of how well the Real You is functioning and correctly using your inner strengths, healthy self-image must change over time in both directions.

The “Just-Do-It” (Real) You had healthy self-image dialed in.

And the “Just-Run-from-It” You couldn’t see very well at all.

Daily DO ITs for a Crystal-Clear, Self-Image

If you’re interested in getting back to the “Just Do It” version of you, pick up these daily DO’s”


    Your inner design is like a set of prescription lenses through which you are looking at your life and everyone in it. Don’t evaluate your own self-worth while you are wearing the wrong “prescription.” In other words, don’t try to adopt the drives and strengths of another’s inner design and expect it to provide you a sense of worth. In fact, this will have the opposite effect. Understanding inner design reduces the haze (or distortion) we experience in relationships (including the one we have with ourselves) and allows us to see our own worth more clearly.


    Our minds are like a cup of water. And just like dirt can muddy up clean water in a pool, so the quality of our thoughts can create a similar situation in our mind. And clean water can make that pool clearer and clearer. We can choose positive thoughts and beliefs that align with the value of our inner design and how we’re created to function. Entertaining “clean-water” thoughts can have an enormous impact on our lives emotionally, physically, and spiritually.


    Our most important choices go far beyond where we will live, who we might marry, and what kind of career we’ll pursue. They include our responses to circumstances. We even choose the emotions we partner with and the quality of our relationships. Here’s an important choice: Will we rightly use our inner strengths or create weaknesses with them? Understand fully that you have a choice.  Practice making the very best one available to you in the situation. In this case, practice can’t actually make perfect. But you can keep your self-image clear of damage when you signal to yourself and others, “I’m worth the very best choice available.”

Here are some great resources to help you clean up your self-image and keep it crystal clear:

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