Curing a Distorted Worldview – Part One

Distorted Worldview

Here’s an age-old remedy for the disorders of the mind: Change the way you think, and you change who you are.  Change who you are, and you change the world around you.  It won’t work, you say?  Well, maybe you don’t know what to change, or how to change it, or even why what we think and say so readily becomes us.”  We may be a product of a distorted worldview.

Our Culture’s Contribution to Changing Minds

You may have wondered at times why your children don’t act and think like you.  That’s, of course, because they are different.  But also, they are being subjected unwittingly to a brainwashing of sorts, which causes a distorted worldview.  Our culture is the agent.  Children are very easily influenced by technology, its games, its language, the films they see, and the world you don’t want them to see or hear.  As young children, they do not have the experience to make sensible judgments at times.  It’s a constant fight to correct the wrong and unhelpful influences that this technologically driven culture has brought into the home.  Can the parent do anything in the wake of this tsunami that has swept across our minds?  Yes!  So, what do you do and where do you start?   

The Hidden Culprit: A Distorted Worldview

We call this invasion of our lives “our changing culture.”  It’s not just children, but also adults who have unthinkingly absorbed these influences.  Adults are at a loss to detect the slipperiness of crooked thinking and to possess the know-how to form convincing arguments that expose its intentional deception.  It doesn’t take long before children and adults are thinking differently.  When we don’t see the distorted truths, it becomes a dangerous virus of the mind.  We don’t need the latest research to tell us what we have been told for millenniums: “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”  (Of course, that means men and women).  Research on who and how humans function tells us the proverb is right on target.

Look for more next week on the path ahead to the cure.  To be continued…


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