Decoding Inner Design – What’s Your Magic Number?

Decoding Inner Design

At the height of our Information Age, there seems to be no end to how many different ways info is coming at you. Between all the forms of media now feeding you data and the vastly different perceptions of what that info means, how do you possibly sort through it all or make sense of information that contradicts itself? You may not be able to stop the volume of the information. But you are hard-wired to sort through it according to an incredibly intelligent design. It turns out, it all comes down to whether your magic number is 5 or 6. Decoding inner design reveals how YOU gather the 411 from the world around you.


It’s time to come to your senses!

We’re going a little deeper into the code behind your InnerKinetics® this week. Regardless of whether you’re an extrovert or introvert, it’s very important to understand what the rest of your personal code represents.

Inner design is often described as the “lens” through which you look at everything in your life. Perhaps there’s nothing more fundamental or influential over your lens than whether you are an “S” or an “N.” You either use your five physical senses (and that’s all you need), or you use those plus a sixth sense to get the full picture.

Are you one of those people that just can’t help but think about and communicate things in metaphor? Or do you prefer to define your thoughts in more tangible terms? What about your speech? Do you talk abstractly or more concretely about details? Either way is brilliant! But one way could not be more different than the other. And what do your senses have to do with anything?


Are you S or N?

If you’ve never taken the FREE InnerKinetics assessment, now is a perfect time. Complete the assessment and come right back so we can talk about whether you are an “S” or an “N.”  Keep in mind, the meaning of these letters may be very different than you what you’ve heard.

If 5 is your magic number…

If your assessment reveals that you live as an “S,” there are some very cool things you are doing with the information you gather from the world around you. Ss live in real terms and in real time.  They tend to be more captured by the present moment and more focused on practicalities and the precise information details provide. Trusting your 5 physical senses, you proceed with change when reality dictates it’s time5 is your magic number and trying to gather info using your sixth sense would be very unhelpful. 

If 6 is your magic number…

On the other hand, if “N” is the result of your assessment, your 5 senses would not be able to collect enough information for you to be comfortable making a decision. You’ll need that infamous sixth sense called intuition to complete the picture. In contrast to Ss, Ns are captured by what’s possible and change occurs when possibility calls. Many times reality hasn’t caught up yet to the possibilities, so concepts and ideas are given higher priority over details and facts. Essentially, you’ll need your intuition to fill in the gaps between reality and possibility.  Making a decision without your intuition would be extremely uncomfortable.


Decoding inner design reveals info you must better understand.

As you can see, it’s the second letter in your inner design code that quickly distinguishes how you gather your information from the world around you. Neither way has an advantage over the other. But they’re so different from each other that it becomes VERY important to understand.

These quick links will explain why knowing this about yourself is so critical to your decision-making and your overall approach to life:


 Next week, let’s keep cracking! How you make decisions with the information you gather explains a lot about why you think and feel the way you do.

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