How to Discover Your Preferences

In previous articles, we have discussed the importance of understanding our individual design and the importance played by our preferences in determining that design, while acknowledging the impact our design has on our relationships.  Since our preferences are indicators of our design, determining what our individual preferences are becomes an important next step in self-understanding.

What are your preferences?

We all have preferences and conduct our lives mostly by them.  We feel uncomfortable when we don’t.  From as early as teenage, we have been concerned with them, wondering who we really are.  Perhaps our friends and foes have a few answers to that!  We need to know what the real answer is so that we can be who we are and experience our best.  So, let’s be more conscious of our preferences, which are the result of the urges and drives inside of us that shape our lives and form our temperament.

No one can tell us what our preferences are or what the urges and drives inside us are.  We must discover and confirm them ourselves, and that means asking ourselves the right questions to get the right answers.

How can I identify my preferences?

Questionnaires have been devised to help us do just that.  Even if you have completed one of these in the past, do it again because we are constantly getting to know ourselves better.  You can access one at the bottom of this webpage now: The InnerKinetics® Temperament Key.

Complete the InnerKinetics® Temperament Key*, which is based on mainline research that you can rely on and has proven successful for thousands.

Note the following:

  • Remember, no one can tell you what your core temperament or preferences are.  You are the only one who knows.
  • Read the instructions carefully and answer the questions accordingly.
  • Then, tabulate your answers. (Or find your results as scored by our app, if that option is in use by the time you read this article.)
  • Read the short descriptions of the temperaments (a description of inner urges and drives) because you must verify all results.
  • You will probably find that you will say to yourself when trying to answer some of the questions, “Well, it depends.”  But remember, there is only one answer that you need: which answer applies most often?
  • When you read the summaries, you may find that you identify with more than one of the descriptions.  Again, the correct one is the one you identify as most like you.
  • You do not have to share the results with friend or foe, unless you choose to for personal beneficial purposes.
  • It is a scientific way of self-understanding, so it is unbiased.
  • No harm will come to you!


Having asked the right questions and answered them, you will now have an idea of who you dominantly are and you will have discovered your strengths through you preferences.

Now we can talk about ‘the real wonderful you’ in a way that will revolutionize your life and propel you on the essential path of self-knowledge.

You will have four letters as a result of your completing the temperament key.  Those four letters represent your type.  Two of the letters within those four will identify your temperament, which I prefer to refer to as your InnerKinetics®.  Reasons for that will be revealed as we proceed, but for now it’s the TWO LETTERS that we will be most concerned with and the meaning of which will be revealed and discussed as we proceed through subsequent articles.

If you’d like to proceed more rapidly, you might want to consider getting INNERKINETICS, so you can dig deeply at your own pace.

*Until an app is produced (which will not be long), download the temperament key from our website and score it as instructed.  REMEMBER, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST!


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