Are you feeling disillusioned or determined?

Feeling disillusioned or determined?

To put it mildly, we’ve all been navigating a great deal of “trouble” over the last couple of years. No doubt, you’ve been impacted in many ways. Are you feeling disillusioned or determined as a result? As we blaze through this new year, are you choosing disappointment or hope? You still get to choose your response to this crazy world we’re living in. Here are four things that will always help you — no matter what else is happening.


Don’t let feeling disillusioned keep you stuck.

/ dis·​il·​lu·​sion /: the condition of being disenchanted:
the condition of being dissatisfied or defeated in expectation or hope

If you’re struggling to reconcile the gap between the way things are and the way you think they should be, you’re not alone. It’s safe to say most of us can relate to feeling stuck in some way — if not several. What we thought was up, turns out to be down. Some things we believed to be true have proved to be illusions. Many of the things that previously defined our success or failure have been redefined. It’s definitely not a positive frame of mind, nor is it a place you should stay if you want to be good for yourself and others. How can we proceed with hope and determination with so many things out of our control?

In a time where we’re all a bit worn down, it’s tempting to want a quick fix for disillusionment and extreme disappointment. But there’s no one thing you can do to get UNstuck from this negative state of mind. It takes combining more than one thing every day. So, here are a few things you can and should do to ward off disillusionment and grab hold of determination.


#1 Think straight.

It’s easier said than done. In fact, an increasing number of the world’s cultures today snub truth and choose to follow political leaders who traffic in lies and deceitfulness. We and our children can get swept up in crooked representations of facts and beliefs. It’s so prevalent in our current experience that many of the recent posts from Dr. Ray Lincoln have highlighted the incredibly high price we and our children are paying when we adopt crooked thinking instead straight thinking. Here are just a few links to dig in more.



#2 Choose the right emotional fuel.

Healthy emotions produce happy people. We’re all operating every moment of every day with emotional fuel that’s either helping or hurting us. So, when negative emotions like discouragement and disillusion come lurking about, they can and MUST be replaced with positive, helpful ones like hopefulness and determination. When you learn to identify your fuel type, you are using one of the most powerful forces in your life to walk right out of the disillusionment that is keeping you stuck. Check out this post and this book to help you take control of the emotional fuel powering your day.


#3 Lean into your strengths.

Knowing your God-given strengths is the right start. But don’t stop there.  Understand how they work in your everyday life to propel you forward toward healthy goals and away from negative behavioral patterns. Here are resources to assist you in leaning into the strengths that are part of your own inner design:


#4 Reconnect with your traditions.

Everyone has traditions, even if they haven’t recognized them as such. Our traditions keep us connected to our families. If they are healthy, edifying traditions, they help us remember and re-focus on the aspects of life we value most. Traditions can require your creativity, your effort, your lovingkindness, and the use of many other strengths you need to keep activated. Traditions can serve you and your healthy mindset well. Here are some unconventional ones to consider adding so that you aren’t waiting until the official holiday season to rolls around:

40 Fun Family Tradition Ideas to Steal ASAP


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