Do You Live In An Extrovert Emotional World?

Extrovert Emotional World

The letter “E” or “I” in  a temperament profile describes our extrovert/introvert energy source and how it is replenished. Extroverts energized chiefly from people and things outside of themselves, whereas introverts mainly energize from within. These preferences are strongly driven by emotions.  So, what is it like in extrovert emotional world?

The Emotional World of the E

For the extrovert, emotional connections with another person are the cherished supply to a rising level of energy, lifting their spirit. Emotions like to sympathize with others.  And they build their inner level of alertness and energy when they do. Here are some of the emotional stimulants in the extrovert emotional world:

  • Love, especially when it is intense
  • Simple excitement of connecting, which can border on an addiction for some extroverts
  • Relief of having someone to talk to (this need for the extrovert occurs whenever their inner batteries begin to lose their charge)
  • A calming feeling of flow that talking produces
  • Mental stimulation from sharing ideas or information about their world with others
  • Warmth and excitement of physical encounters
  • The lift that a smile brings
  • Stimulation from the urge to investigate — the curiosity addiction
  • The promise of intimate interaction

The Extrovert’s Emotional World Contrasts with the Introvert’s

The introvert will feel all these emotions too.  But the introvert will find them draining in too large a dose. Talking, connecting, even too much intimacy can rob the introvert of energy — not so the extrovert.

Extroverts Can Become Hyper-Sensitized

For the extrovert, the stimulation of sensing and engaging with things, not just people — especially exciting things — can charge their batteries fast as well. A trip to the amusement park or a ball game will certainly do it. All the emotions that result from social encounters and physical stimulation team up and can overcharge their batteries so that they become hyper-sensitized.  An extroverted child can often be observed in this over-replenished state. If it happens just before bedtime, the parents can have a trial on their hands trying to keep the child in bed.

For the extrovert, a full charge is normal and an overcharge can easily be attained. Please note that the emotion of excitement plays a large part in replenishing this lost energy.

Extroverts Speak

“When I’m drained, I feel the urge to reconnect with my friends, to meet new ones, and just to feel the thrill of people and that electrifying charge of excitement again,” reports one extroverted person.

Again? Yes, again and again for the extrovert.   The need will never end.

“I feel my emotions being lifted and refueled for more adventure as long as an engaging encounter is in the offing,” said another extrovert. Expectation recharges.

Estelle looked forward to it too: “I don’t mind feeling drained, because it’s like having a spat with your partner and then comes the thrill of making up.”

Emotions Fuel the Extrovert Emotional World

Once charged, extroverts burn up their energy without fear of being unable to recharge. The opportunities for meeting people and experiencing things is always somewhere near. Have you ever observed a little child falling down repeatedly and laughing as they get back up? They are getting a charge, a lift to their spirits. Recharging is fun for the extrovert.

For the extrovert, the emotions that arise from long exposure to excitement and lively interactions, from the feeling of being popular, and from the tug of social opportunities recharge them best.

Note: It is not just the excitement but the other emotions that are generated in and by the excitement that are the fuel in the extrovert’s tank.


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