Do You Live In An Introvert Emotional World?

Extrovert-Introvert Emotional World

Emotions both power and drain the introvert. Although, it seems they are only drained — and more often and with greater speed. First, in the introvert emotional world, their battery is very seldom fully charged. When the emotional battery is feeling full to the introvert, it is actually only about two-thirds full. When it is empty, it is dead empty. The reason is that they are more easily and constantly drained.  And it is hard to attain a full charge in the normal routines of life.

The Introvert Emotional World

Introverts can seem to be less excitable, more morose or serious, and somewhat removed at times.  It is the draining of their energy that causes all of these emotional conditions are caused by the draining of their energy. “Why are they not excitable like us, enjoying the ride of life?” ponders the extrovert. They are enjoying the ride, but not in the same way. For an introvert to experience outright ecstasy is unusual.  And if they do, it passes quickly as they fall back to reality with a thud. This downside of the emotional spectrum can more often be experienced by the introvert than the upside.  But the feelings of recharge are just as satisfying as the extrovert’s sensitizations.

An Introvert Speaks

“I love being alone where I can dream or read .  It’s so refreshing. Extroverts, to me, seem not to be in touch with themselves or something,” Lester told me with a warm reserved smile. He was not unhappy. He had found how to have pleasure in a more solitary fashion.

An Introvert’s Recharge Is a Peaceful Venture

Since introverts recharge best in solitude, the introvert is affected by different emotions — ones that have mostly the opposite effect than the extrovert experiences in the recharging process. Recharging is mainly a peaceful venture for the introvert, or at least they hope so.

In the privacy of their own space, they feel the calming effect of disengagement, the peace of solitude in some sequestered nook, or the stirring of inner life in their mind as they draw on the stimulation of ideas and concepts. They sense the deep abstract movements of the spirit, the refreshing loss of distractions, and the stimulation of a mental vacation.

They enjoy the reduction of meaningless chatter and savor the reduction with great pleasure. And they seek a connection with themselves and their inner world, the tranquility from the lowering of stress, and the return of optimism to a hurting spirit sapped of its vitality by the constant external grating of a hectic world.  All this brings peace.

An introvert might agree with Thomas Hardy:

That man’s silence is wonderful to listen to.

Peace Can Be Exciting In the Introvert Emotional World

The “peace” can be exciting as well, however. They may read or watch a program and, for some (the NF), they are always comparing themselves to everything they see and hear. Going for a walk or run, savoring the wonder and beauty of nature, connecting to its pulse, and dreaming of the future possibilities are treasured exercises for the drained and drooping introverted spirit.

Emotions flood their minds in all these simple practices even if they don’t stir the body. A quiet body and an overactive, stimulated mind can bring emotions of great delight.

Harmony with Themselves and Their World

This quiet side of life and the tranquility of “my own space” quells the disturbances that have chafed the linings of the introvert’s soul. Harmony with themselves and their world is what they want. They feel the beginnings of exhilaration as the spirit of quiet confidence edges up slowly, increasing feelings of self-worth and bringing feelings of hope that glimmer optimistically in their minds.

Reservoirs of Hope

Recharging is fundamentally the restoration of a battered person whose bruises are not likely to be seen by prying eyes. Privacy, quiet, reflection, and learning fill the reservoirs of hope and create warm emotions.

The Enjoyments of the Introvert Emotional World

Sigurd F. Olson, whose books on the wildness of the Boundary Waters are so refreshing, demonstrates the enjoyments of the introvert. He would spend weeks plying the lakes and trudging the trails.  And in the evenings, he would thrill to the sound of the loon, the noises of the woods, and the lack of all other distracting interferences. It is when we reach down into the unfrequented depths of a quiet spirit that the creative surges of an undisturbed imagination rise to refresh us.  And he of all men knew this pleasure of the introvert.

Introverts and Intuition

The introvert does not have the edge on intuition. But it seems they come into contact with it the most. “People who are intuitive have the edge over those who are not,” Olsen writes.  And  he credits the solitude experienced in a quiet mind and a quiet place to his familiarity with it. There are many joys beyond the prattle of voices and the clamor of attention-getters. Introverts know these emotions well.

Introverts Love to Read and Learn

“The love of learning, the sequestered nook and all the sweet serenity of books,” wrote Longfellow, who drew on introversion’s pleasures in his poems. And ah, those books! A book requires imagination, turning type into pictures in the mind, and draws its pleasures from emotions that it can stir in a mind as no other source can. For some introverts, a book has to be a paper book: the smell of ink on paper, the physical turning of pages, and even the favorite bookmark give great pleasure. The electronic reader can be a cold reading device for them.

Finding Their Own Happiness

Introverts must find their own happiness. “What angel in my own remote childhood taught me when alone to be happy?” wrote the British poet, Walter de la Mare. He continues, “What gratitude could repay such a boon?” These writers were happy — very happy — and proud to be introverts.

Introverts and Extroverts Enrich Our Lives

All the emotions of extroverts and introverts enrich our lives, and both serve up their pleasures in different ways in different regions of life — the outward and the inward. If we disturb the recharging process or demand they recharge another way, we interfere with their emotions. Unsatisfied emotions introduce pain.


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