Do You Need A Mind Update?

Do You Need a Mind Update?

Good News! I’m so glad that what I was yesterday is not what I am today. My mind updates who I am, and I change.  And I want to change!  Most of us know we need to change and improve who we are. Of course, if we think we are perfect, we fool only ourselves.  Our mind constantly re-creates who we are.  It’s a “mind update” much like your computer system updates.

With a Mind Update, Your Past Need Not Be Your Present

Our mind even hides from our self-consciousness the things we have been troubled with in the past, such as failures and things we want to forget and we don’t want others to see anymore. It’s a process, of course.  But all I have to do is wait and not keep rehearsing the things I don’t want to remember for this recreation to become my present reality.  If my mind didn’t do this, my past would constantly be my present reality with increasing regret and guilt.  If the mind did not update who I felt I was, I could never feel I had changed.

Current Habits Reflect Current Beliefs

Change is more complex than what it appears to be. It involves newness, new decisions and the struggle to build fresh pathways in the brain so that a recreated mind can make use of them. It also operates according to our current beliefs and the habits they are forming. Embedded beliefs can be a stubborn obstacle when we want the mind to change its evaluation of who we are.

Let’s Think of How Newness Re-Creates Us

Rich environments, full of things that grow and change together with new thoughts and feelings that are also generated by new things, create a kind of challenge.  And the mind loves challenges. In the process, it also likes to be engaged with puzzles and solutions.  It dislikes the upset of boredom.

Laughter Is Medication for the Mind

Laughter is an example of newness and the invasion of a rich mental condition, which just happens to be a really cheap, healthy medication for the mind. This may seem insignificant and spiced, perhaps, with a touch of humor, but no one has died of laughter in all of known history — as far as I am aware!

Here’s further indication of laughter’s health giving operations:

Laughter can:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Increase the effectiveness of our respiration
  • Reduce cortisol — the increase of which indicates that we are chronically stressed
  • Increase the effectiveness of our immune reactions that are needed to fight off unwanted damaging invasions to our bodies
  • Lower blood pressure, etc.

A Mind Update Re-Creates Our Human Systems

Perhaps you knew all that.  But the question is, did you realize the essential re-creative nature of newness for the health of our human systems: body, soul and spirit? Do you remember the encouragement and the name of the man who wrote from, of all places, prison: “ Rejoice … and I say again, rejoice”? Newness can produce in us a twinge of joy, the invasion of a feeling that recreates our judgment of ourselves.

The amazing human system needs a fresh lift to dispel its anxieties and recenter its trust on all things good. A possible derivation of the word God is from the word good.  And trust in a Supreme Being is the ultimate re-creation of ourselves when life’s trials overwhelm us.

Who Am I?

Who am I? I am what my mind, with its thoughts and feelings, is telling me I am. So, if the message is negative, look for a new challenge or something new in the infinite variety of uplifts that a glance at the gift of nature can bring.  (It’s why our recreation is in nature.)  It re-creates itself for us every new season. Humans are the only part of nature that possess a mind that makes us conscious of our constantly changing self evaluations.

If the theories of evolution are to be considered viable, they will need to explain how a thoughtless process of mutations and natural selection came to create our constantly changing evaluation of who we are, which our thoughtful mind purposely presents to us.

Who am I? I am, by the use of my mind, what I am making myself to be.


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