Do Your Decisions Look Good on You?

your and your deciisons

Think about some of the biggest decisions you’ve made in your life. Are you generally happy with how things turned out? If not, were you able to learn from them and let those lessons alter your next set of choices? Or do you still have regrets? Regardless of how you view your decisions, there’s always one thing that remains true about them. Your decisions are either going to lead you toward or away from the Real You.


Looking like your decisions…

One of my all-time favorite quotes:

“You’re born looking like your daddy, but you die looking like your decisions.”

So true!

In the last few posts, we’ve been talking about decisions that are yours to make during this weird time of uncertainty and insecurity.  If you haven’t had a chance to view these, here’s a summary

But regardless of living in the “old normal” or the “new normal,” your best decisions always aim for becoming more of the Real You. Do you know WHO that is? 


The Real You looks real good!

In the next few weeks, we’re going to unpack a lot of detail about the Real You. This is a person you must know and understand more clearly. Once this happens, you gain more confidence in your decision-making. You gain clarity on what is the best choice for you to make in any circumstance. And you can look back, knowing that your decisions were purposefully aimed in a very specific direction.  You were designed with a goal in mind. Discovering more about this leads to an unmatched sense of fulfillment and satisfaction with your life and the places your decisions take you.

So if you want to dive into the world of understanding the Real You (your InnerKinetics® ) and gain insight into WHY you think and act the ways you do, here’s where you start:

Once you’ve identified your InnerKinetics with the free assessment key, grab a copy of these two valuable resources and follow along as we address some very specific and helpful aspects for your particular design and that of your family, friends and co-workers.

  1. Innerkinetics – Your Blueprint to Excellence and Happiness
  2. The Innerkinetics of Type


Now is the best time to deepen your understanding of what’s driving the Real You.

You can get a “jumpstart” at understanding your inner design with a little help from our team at InnerKinetics. If you’d like some assistance, you can request a consultation and an InnerKinetics consultant will call you to answer questions and schedule your meeting.Schedule an Initial Consultation. If you are more independent and want to cut to the chase, you need not wait for a call back because you can get answers to your questions and schedule your session HERE.

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