Does Your Mind Control You? Or Do You Control Your Mind?

Do you control your mind?

“As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”

(Ancient Hebrew proverb)

This means, in every condition and circumstance we are what we think. Wow! That’s a sweeping statement if ever there was one.  But it is true. Our mind is behind all we do, all we think, and all we are.  Then, don’t you think that the mind is the most important element in our human system — one we must pay supreme attention to? It is a serious disaster in life when we lose control of our minds.  So, again I ask: Do you control your mind?

How Is Your Mind Developing?

When raising a child, should we watch closely the direction in which their mind is developing?  What is controlling it? We don’t think enough about this as parents, do we? Do we even ponder about how our own mind is developing? Countless influences are shouting for its attention each day, from incessant banter of the media, to teachers, to all our friends and our enemies. Something as simple as what they say and think about us can dominate our minds.

Control Your Mind to Become Your Best

Every impression on us is molding the person we are becoming, but only if we allow it entrance into our minds. If we want to change we must first change our mind. We are only ever transformed by the renewal of our minds. Our thoughts either make us great or destroy us, limit us or encourage us to shoot for the stars. Something as simple as thinking like someone we highly regard  to become like them.

This series that begins today will help us look at our mind and how we can control and use our minds to become our best. It will, I hope, also show us how to influence others and mold the one and only life we have. So stay with me as we seek to understand how our mind functions. We are all different, but we all have a mind and we will start with what is common to us all.

When You Control Your Mind, You Can Affect Your Health and More

Did you know our mind/brain directs our heart’s activity, directs your lungs, and influences every other part of us — even every minute cell of our amazingly complex bodies. (Some think that is the result of the lengthy mindless changes thagt chance has brought about. I prefer to assign it to intelligent design because we would never think of an automobile assembling itself without first having been designed, and we are so much more complex and intricate).

Our Lives Are Shaped By Our Thoughts

Without a mind we couldn’t create or plan our future or respond with meaning to those fleeting moments. Our thoughts and beliefs are basic functions of our minds and reveal much about ourselves to others. When we become more conscious of what we are thinking, we will become more aware of who we are becoming. We can be shaped by the thoughts that race through our minds — especially those that we allow to linger in our minds.

WE Are the Makers of Our Mind

Our mind is a world of constant movement and is never quite the same each morning when we wake. Fashioning our lives is a daily affair. Our mental peace or panic are the result of the conditions that exist in our minds. Think of it: our incessant worry or our stabilizing calm trust is conditioning each moment of our lives.  So, let’s focus on what is the single most important element in our human makeup and grow like the tree outside my window — from a tiny seed that has never stopped to worry, to the towering impressive structure that influences me daily. From our tiny thoughts to our impressive magnificence, our mind is making us.  And never forget, we — not our circumstances — are the makers of our minds.

I hope each article in this series will help us all to see what is happening in ourselves each and every moment.



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