Emotions Make Us Smart

Emotions Make Us Smart

Without emotions, the smartest among us would be dumb. Surprised? That thought turns all our thinking about our intelligence upside down. Consider: Without emotion, the charging tiger might look to us like a soft harmless, oversized house cat. Dangerous places could seem safe. A description of a sunset could sound like intellectual snobbery or the trickery of  a word smith and nothing more. Imagine making a choice of a mate without the use of emotion? Emotions must be intelligent and smart because of the way they penetrate our lives and make sense of them. Do those who are traditionally called “smart” possess the high IQs.  And are those who seek to eliminate emotion from their thinking more intelligent? Or could they be more intelligent with the use of emotion? The later, of course.  Emotions make us smart.

Emotion Is a Different Kind of Intelligence

In his eye-opening book, Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman addresses the question “Are the smart dumb?” Compiling considerable evidence, he concludes that a person’s IQ is a poor indicator of intelligence. Success in life is not a matter of IQ, he argues, but EQ (our emotional quotient). To be the smartest we can be, we must use both reason and emotion. And we must realize the wise use of emotion is the determining factor in success. Emotion is simply a different kind of intelligence: one that sees what reason does not and one that evaluates all issues from the point of view of the meaning of life.

Logic Is Limited.  Emotions Make Us Smart.

So it follows, logic without emotion, we might say, discovers only half the world. Logic is limited. It deals with the relationship of thoughts and their accurate usage or the correct use of mathematical units. What does logic know of love or hate, for example? Aren’t love and hate some of this world’s most potent intelligent realities? Some people have never considered the limitations of reason, nor have they put the two worlds of logic and emotion effectively together. They have not learned to be what we are referring to as emotionally intelligent.

Each Temperament’s Intelligent Use of Emotions Is Different

People are different and the way they use emotions intelligently will differ with each of the temperaments. This should be a warning not to generalize and suggest that all people must learn emotional intelligence the same way or with the same set of rules.

SP Smart Emotions

For example, the quick-acting SP is driven to respond quickly to the data their senses gather, often before they have time to think about all the factors involved. That speed is their asset.

SJ Smart Emotions

The cautious SJ temperament, the one Galen called “Melancholic,” prefers to treat their emotions with a more somber, cautious concern, questioning their usefulness. Their approach to emotion is more pedantic.

NT Smart Emotions

The NTs, on the other hand, feel emotions detract from and destroy the efficiency of their world of analytical thought, which they treasure. This attitude can cause them rarely to be conscious of their own emotions and not favorably disposed to the emotions of others.

NF Smart Emotions

Conversely, many NFs living in the brilliant display of their emotional intensity, are often unable to harness their emotional powers or control their explosions. Favoring emotions can, for them, become a dangerous invitation for their emotions to strengthen and dominate.

Emotions Make Us Smart UNLESS

Both the NT and the NF, for different reasons, may wonder at times at the usefulness of emotion. It’s the overuse or uncontrolled use of emotion that has given it its questionable name. Once emotion is seen to be an indispensable part of our thinking, giving meaning and instilling value to all that we think and do, it will take its rightful place in our lives.

All temperaments can be smart and all can be emotionally dumb. Emotional intelligence is not found in only one temperament. So how do you teach the temperaments to be emotionally intelligent? Differently, and according to how they see and use their emotions. This is the path to the greatest emotional intelligence.


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