Olympic Podium Takeaway #2: Every Moment Matters

every moment matters

Have you seen any of this year’s Winter Olympics? Whether or not you’re a fan of these athletes, the lessons to be learned from their grittiest and gutsiest performances are undeniable. The personal stakes at these games are so high that just one moment can represent the end of a career or the chance to be called “the very best.” What’s our Olympic Takeaway? These fierce competitors know intimately what you and I need to remember in everyday life: EVERY MOMENT MATTERS.


Every moment matters because it represents a choice

We’ve been talking about the importance of knowing both WHY (your motivations) and WHERE (for perspective) you look to find your “Money Combo” of inner resources. It’s a winning combination of your inner strengths that can lead you to moments of positive change.

But what happens in the minutes leading up to that important moment? Is there a real difference between minutes of time and moments in time?

While there are some differences between minutes and moments spelled out in a dictionary, here are two things to consider:

  • A strategic use of everyday minutes adds up to an important moment.

  • A strategic response to an important moment is what matters most.


Using Your Minutes

If you are working toward an important goal, your strategic use of your everyday minutes can add up to a moment in time when you experience the positive change you want.

Take a look at the ice dancing pair Moir and Virtue. They’ve had a 20-year partnership of shared goals, gutsy hard work, and relentless focus. It all resulted in their 3rd gold medal at the Olympics and a long-lasting influence on their entire sport. I wonder . . . how many times did they want to abandon their goals, but chose to keep going?


Responding to Moments

Your strategic response in important moments determines your future. You could be facing agonizing disappointment (#NathanChen) and the likelihood of total failure. What are you going to do? What happens if the pressure of all the potential success or failure overtakes you?

It’s your choice.


It’s Your Money Combo in a Moment that Matters

If you’re trying to shift your present experience into a more mindful use of time and energy, it could be your optimism that makes the difference.

Are you tired of getting outcomes that fall way short of your goal?  Maybe your plan needs some careful adjustments that only you can make.

What if you just need to see your life adding up to a greater influence on those around you? Will you draw from your invaluable passion to breathe new life into dead spaces?

Perhaps your goals need the benefit of new data and fresh analysis.

We each have a design-driven set of inner resources that we must learn to use both in the everyday minutes and in moments that matter most to us.

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  3. Stay tuned next week as we look at what it takes to align yourself with the results you want.

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