Everybody Needs Somebody Sometime

Everybody needs somebody sometime

While each of us needs help at some time in our lives (and if we’ll admit it, we need it often) for a variety of reasons, we find it very difficult to admit that we do… or worse, to ask for it even when we admit it.  To paraphrase an old song title, “everybody needs somebody sometime.”

Let’s face it.  Life is hard!  But there are those who have lived longer, experienced the same or similar difficulties, and who CAN help when we let them.  And they WILL help if we’ll just ask.

“Help” is Positive, not Negative

Be sure you understand that “needing help” is not a negative idea!  “Help” might mean mentoring, like an intern or apprentice is helped by his experienced supervisor or like an athlete is helped by his coach or trainer.  It might mean simply a talk through whatever is keeping one from moving forward to the next step.  It might be a guided clarifying of who you are and providing the confidence needed to be that person to the fullest.  And it is a positive move to get help when a relationship gets stuck in a bad place and you make that effort to turn things around. It’s positive because… everybody needs somebody sometime.  Consider these few of many areas where you can encourage a friend to take that needed step:

  • Career changes
  • Career choices
  • Mate choices
  • Workplace interactions
  • Child discipline
  • Parenting teens
  • Marriage relationships
  • Friendship conflicts
  • Aging parents
  • Depression
  • Self-esteem

Some reasons people are reluctant to ask for help

Remember that extroverts usually find it easier to talk about what’s going on than introverts, who are typically very private.  Everyone (but particularly introverts) needs to know that they are understood, and because they are a minority of the population (25% approximately), introverts are misunderstood by most of the people they meet.  They will be the ones most reluctant to reach out when they need it.

We are often reluctant to expose what we consider to be our weaknesses.  That’s normal.  We like to appear confident and capable — even when although we may be capable, we are not confident of that capability.

Furthermore, sharing all of this with another human is sometimes like starting physical therapy after joint repair:  very painful.  We don’t want to experience the pain.  But that’s what the physical therapist and his great expertise about how to go about it is for, and… everybody needs somebody sometime.

YOU can supply the fuel for a breakthrough

However, breaking through these barriers is what is really needed in order to restore the individual to confident performance and enjoyment of life.  And you may be the key person to help in achieving that breakthrough.

We know that while you may not need help right now, you may know someone who does and you are at a loss as to what or who to recommend.  But you have an answer for them.  You can be that help because… (you’re getting the idea by now) everybody needs somebody sometime.

Now available worldwide

Ask Dr. LincolnAt InnerKinetics, we are beginning something new.  Dr. Lincoln is now available online. Getting help online can be intimidating, too.  However, anyone from anywhere can now access his expertise via the internet and VERY EASILY — no special accounts required.

Furthermore, to help YOU encourage someone you are trying to help who has not consulted with him before, he is offering a FREE 30-minute consultation to get acquainted with how easy it is to access him and learn how he can help.

If you are one who has availed yourself of his consulting skills, you can testify to his understanding and skill at providing the needed guidance you sought, giving your friend confidence to move forward and seek the help they need, regardless of what the area might be where they need help.

What to do

All you need to do is to get them to call us at 720-271-1221 or email support@innerkinetics.com

AND BE SURE TO TELL THEM to give your name as a reference, because you will benefit from that referral as well.  Once they become a consulting client (i.e. completed a paid session), you can receive a 15% discount on a session you want/need with Dr. Lincoln.  It’s a win-win!

Take action!

So, get on the phone, go to coffee, or meet your friend for a mutually enjoyed activity and give them the encouragement they need to seek the help/advice/guidance/mentoring (whatever they want to call it) they need.  They will thank you for it!  And you will feel so good for having been the fuel that propelled them to the next level.

One more word:  If YOU are the one who needs to take that step, we hope we have shared sufficient information here to encourage you to reach out.  If not, we’d be very happy to answer any questions about our services at no obligation.  So give us a call.

Yours for the asking,

The Team at InnerKinetics

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