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We’ve been talking about the importance of learning new things. But with our fast-forward lives, continued learning can easily take a back seat. So with limited time and almost limitless options, let’s simplify and prioritize. There’s something to know about yourself that’s so important, it affects nearly every decision you make. InterestedTake 5 minutes to read about this one thing everyone needs to know.


Everyone needs to know how to build a healthy self-image

If you’ve followed InnerKinetics® for long, you know that we emphasize knowing yourself and others through the lens of inner design — both yours and theirs. How you communicate, how you prefer to gather and use the information you receive, what motivates you, and even how you relate to time are all deeply influenced by your inner design. In fact, there are so many facets of inner design to understand, you could go to “Real You School” over a lifetime and continue to discover new things about just how you do the things you do every day.

But the one thing that has the most impact on your daily life is how you build a healthy self-image.


Self-Image: High Impact, High Stakes

IMPORTANT FACT: You cannot outperform your self-image.

Let’s define “self-image” as the way you see yourself. When a positive, healthy self-image includes thinking thoughts and feeling emotions that line up with the person you were designed to become, building a healthy self-image rises to the top of the list of things everyone needs to know how to do.

You make choices all day long based on how well you can see the Real You.

High self-image = positive choices and movement toward fulfillment and purpose

Low self-image = negative choices and loss of direction, fulfillment, and purpose


How does the Real You develop a healthy self-image?

We are unique expressions of our inner design. But how The Real You builds a healthy self-image is something you have in common with ONLY those that share similar InnerKinetics (or inner design).

Consider this:

  • If you are an “SP,” your self-image is high when you are making the right impact on the people around you.
  • A healthy self-image for an “SJ” means you’re being the model of responsibility and achieving your duties with care and caution.
  • If your InnerKinetics reveals you’re an “NT,” your self-image is raised every time you are effective at achieving important goals you’ve set for yourself.
  • An “NF” builds a healthy self-image through building healthy relationships and maintaining a daily connection to your sense of purpose.

So there it is. Plain and simple. If you are an SP, you can’t build a healthy self-image like an NT would!  If you’re an SJ, don’t you dare try doing it the way an NF needs to.

And if you don’t know what any of these symbols mean (SP, SJ, NT & NF), that’s OK! Here’s a fast and easy way to discover what those letters are for you and what they mean.

Once you know your inner design, here are some resources on how The Real You builds a healthy self-image. It’s the one thing that everyone needs to know.

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