Educate Yourself: The Facts About Karl Marx

Facts About Karl Marx
(Part Two of “A Fourth Way People Find Life’s Guidance)

Karl Marx studied law and then got interested in philosophy and history.  He never had a regular job and he tried his hand (unsuccessfully) more than once at journalism.  Fortunately (for him), he had a friend and collaborator, Friedrich Engels — a very successful capitalist in the textile business (that’s a contradictory twist) who financially supported him.  It’s to our benefit to educate ourselves with more of the facts about Karl Marx

One of the Facts About Karl Marx Involves “Free Spirits”

Marx belonged to an extremist group that called themselves the “Free Spirits.”  He held the same beliefs as the philosopher who he believed was the true founder of materialism (the view that sees all things as matter, thus excluding all things nonmaterial, spiritual, or divine).  His underlying belief was “man to man.”  He meant by this:

Man is supreme in relationships and in the understanding of all things.  God is to be forever banished from all thought — and likewise all religion, which is the “opiate of the people.”  If you have “found your feet” in the universe, you will not need religion of any sort.  Religion is the sign of an oppressed creature and it is a human weakness.  We can only find happiness if we abolish religion.

First Steps in The Communist Manifesto

Marx has influenced the world of the educated elite, who in turn have supported the passage from feudalism, to capitalism, to socialism, to communism.  Engels, Lenin, and communistic leaders have fleshed out the beliefs of Marx.  This struggle of the classes was gelled in The Communist Manifesto (1848).  Its first steps are:

  1. The abolishing of all ownership of property
  2. Establishing the central control of all credit
  3. Control of all information
  4. Control of industry
  5. The control of agriculture
  6. The use of its subtle tool: the education of young minds — Pavlov style.

Does anything in these first few paragraphs concern you or make you ask serious questions?

What Is Wrong in the Facts About Karl Marx Cited Thus Far?

So, what is wrong and not for the betterment of society in all this?

  1. Even Bertrand Russell (an influential atheist) has remarked, “Marx’s ideas are unscientific and there is no reason to suppose them to be true.”
  2. As is obvious, Marxism has instigated the beliefs of many to Socialism and Communism.  This move has resulted in economic disaster, hate, nations murdering en masse their own people, starving them, harvesting their organs, devaluing human life, and destroying personal freedoms.  The end result of all thinking that excludes all nonmaterial values is what we are seeing in the invasion of Ukraine and the horrors under Communist control.
  3. These unscientific ideas are being touted as the salvation of the world when, in fact, the world they are creating is inhumane.
  4. A survey by Reuters/Ipsos revealed that 82% of the world still believes in God or the possibility of divine beings.  Marx has not won the world over to his views.
  5. When socialism begins to strip freedoms from people, they inevitably feel they are not fully human anymore.
  6. Mankind is broken and imperfect. We are foolish to look to man’s “wisdom” to guide us and control our thoughts.  We must look elsewhere.
  7. Karl Marx’s ideas for a better society have failed.  The only reason to return to his theories is to adopt his continued hatred of God and all things nonmaterial.

A Better Philosophy than Marxism

Conversely, we can have a wonderful society when we all love each other, respect each other, and value every individual.  For many, that means accepting that we are made in the image of God.  What sane reason do we have to not follow the Golden Rule (”Do to others as you would have them do to you”)?  Therefore, teach it to your children.  Is there any good reason not to?

The modern culture supports Marxism, a fact hard to defend.


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