Faith in Yourself: Is it Essential or Misguided?

Faith in Yourself: Is it Essential or Misguided?

Did you know that faith in yourself is a psychological necessity for mental health? Based on how our human system is designed, it’s imperative for experiencing fulfilling relationships and bursting through present limitations. But many of us struggle with the idea. Can it lead to becoming self-absorbed or misguided? Is it a misplacement of our faith in some way? Here’s the thing: Everyone believes in themselves to some degree, even if they deny it. By design, belief in yourself is an essential part of achievements, success, and your overall health. Certainly, misplaced beliefs can lead to trouble. But understanding how faith works for your good can lead to a healthy self-image and a fulfilling life. Learn how to generate faith in yourself, keep it healthy, and point it at positive outcomes.


Has anyone gone anywhere good when fueled by doubt?

As we mentioned last week, each of us handles faith differently. What’s more, we each go into the subject with some “baggage.” Depending on your experiences, you may struggle with the thought that faith in yourself is somehow prideful, self-absorbed or misguided. There are lots of ways that we come to our views on this subject. But let’s keep it simple with these facts:

  • You’ve been wonderfully made and possess a sophisticated inner design.
  • This inner design includes a package of valuable strengths that you can use for your success and to the great benefit of the world around you.
  • A person cannot be healthy when they are living in doubt of their own worth. Doubt is negative and unhealthy. It’s the opposite of belief and it fuels a poor self-image.
  • We make our choices based on what we believe we’re worth.

In summary, if you want a healthy, forward-focused lifestyle, you need a healthy belief in your personal worth.

Think about it this way: Has anyone gone anywhere good when fueled on negative doubt in their worth? It’s just not how we’ve been designed to operate.


According to your faith, it will be done to you.

For all of us, these words, “According to your faith, it will be done to you,” is the best advice we can follow. They come from a great teacher: Jesus. And it’s evident that for each of us, our faith in ourselves is built in significantly different ways.

More important than any other principle of achievement is what we believe and how intensely we believe it. Belief drives the human system. If our belief is weak or directs us away from our goals, we fail.

According to his book, An Introduction to Faith and the Temperaments, Dr. Ray Lincoln states, “Making our lives is all about faith: where we place it, with what intensity, how we approach our issues with it, and how we use it to overcome our limited resources or our needs.

For many of us (including myself), our belief in a loving, powerful and sovereign Creator who has made us in His image serves to magnify the meaning and significance of Dr. Lincoln’s statements above.

With that said, here are action steps you can take today to build a powerful and positive faith. Remember, faith requires action!

  1. Start here:
  2. Learn how you are uniquely designed to build a powerful faith: An Introduction to Faith and the Temperaments
  3. Then, get busy building your positive belief system. It’s a must-have for your successful and fulfilling life.


What are your views on having faith in yourself?
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