Will fear or faith drive your next steps?

Fear or Faith

Have you noticed that when major trouble comes, an important choice comes along with it? Over the past few weeks, many of us have come face to face with some sobering threats to our health, our livelihoods, and our inner peace. But there’s one important thing to remember in the face of threats (both actual and potential).  Partnering with fear or faith is ultimately our choice. Only one of these can extinguish the other. And only one helps us in the face of adversity.


Fear cripples. Faith creates.

Last week, we discussed an aspect of your inner design that must be understood well. If you know which time zone you’re designed to live from, you’ll know in which direction to focus your efforts and precious inner resources. There’s never been a better time than now to understand how you can develop a courageous, forward-thinking and creative approach to dealing with our present troubles.

But first, let’s address the importance of choosing faith over fear. When fear is present in your mindset, it means that your faith (or belief) in positive forces — like God, love, kindness and hope — is missing.


Lacking belief is NOT a good recipe for success of any kind. In fact, it can have a crippling effect on your abilities to mobilize your strengths or create positive momentum of any kind. Just trying to have a positive thought or two can be nearly impossible if you don’t have at least a little faith that things can and will get better.


Faith creates the space you need to think positively and operate with hopeful expectation. Great people are often called “people of faith” because of their vision for conquering the impossible. Dreams are actualized by first taking a step of faith. Faith opens up worlds that are unknown to us.

Is there any good reason to let fear stick around, cripple your strong thinking and suck every bit of hope out of the atmosphere? You’re saying “NO” …right?!


All faith is NOT equal.

Because there are positive beliefs and negative beliefs, there’s also either a positive or negative power that these beliefs have in our lives.

Here’s an example: In a crisis, you can choose faith that your physical or financial needs can and will be met with the help from family, friends or charitable strangers.  And guess what happens.  You’re now focused on finding the source of that positive outcome. You’re focused and ready to recognize opportunities the moment they arise. You are participating in finding the solution rather than remaining stuck, hopeless and helpless.


The choice of fear or faith challenges each temperament differently

Each of the temperaments handles faith differently. Each of them thinks of faith differently. They approach faith with different preferences and presuppositions. Each has different struggles, and each possesses different strengths with which they can activate their faith.

Regardless of your inner design (or temperament), it’s important to understand your inner design to build faith and eliminate the fear that leads you nowhere good!

In summary,

It IS a choice.

You’re designed to make this choice successfully.  Choose faith!

And the team at InnerKinetics is here to help you.

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