Want more from your time?

Want more from your time?

Want more from your time? For all of you with inbox OVERWHELM, workplace BURNOUT, or out-of-school DECISION FATIGUE, here’s a simple step you can take today to get more from your time. It doesn’t require you to read, watch or listen to hours of incredible wisdom from accomplished, happy thought leaders. And it’s not about time management habits. So, if I had you at “want more from your time?”, here it is: Stop and identify what you’re really trying to accomplish. Is there a difference between what you want to accomplish and where you’re actually headed at the moment? Take less than 5 minutes >>  


Know where your autopilot is headed.

We’ve been talking about “the Magic Question” that helps you stay focused on real solutions to big or small problems. It’s an essential tool for anyone who wants more from their time and important resources. But before you even get around to asking yourself that very helpful magic question, there’s another thing that’s already happening. And you’ve got to be able to connect with that “thing.” It’s THE THING you’re actually trying to accomplish in any given moment.  

Do you know what that THING is?

Most of us run on autopilot at least half of our day, if not way more. That’s OK!  But that autopilot is locked onto a specific destination (or outcome).

What happens if that’s not the outcome you want?

If your inner autopilot is so used to following the familiar route of a negative outcome, the magic question is definitely not the first step you need to take. Before your autopilot kicks in, make sure “he or she” knows where they’re supposed to go. Put another way:

Connect with what you’re really trying to do.  Then ask if that’s still what you want.


What you’re really trying to do is create a memorable experience with your kids today, but you’re stuck on the fact that time is running out and the water park is going to be so crowded. So now, you’re frustrated and yelling at everyone to hurry up and get in the car.

 There may be a big difference in what you’re trying to do and where your autopilot is headed.


You want more time with a close friend that you haven’t seen in weeks.  So you reach out to see if your friend feels the same and wants to connect. But instead of just suggesting a way to do it, you take the indirect route that “tests the waters” to see if they want it as badly as you do. Furthermore, you may be even throwing in a little guilt for good measure and mentioning how you know they’ve been busy spending a lot of time with others.

 There may be a big difference in what you’re trying to do and where your autopilot is headed.



If you want more from your time, stop wasting your time.

Be sure you’re not wasting time. Identify whether there’s a difference between your goal and where you’re actually headed. Sometimes, your inner autopilot is stuck in some bad communication habits or in choosing some negative emotions that work against your goals.

 To sum it all up:

  1. Make sure you know where your inner autopilot is taking you. Ask yourself, “What am I trying to do here?  Are my actions lining up with that goal?”
  2. If yes, proceed to the Magic Question. You can learn more about that from previous posts.  If no, re-focus on your goal and make a quick change. Communicate what you want and take the most direct actions you can take to get your autopilot back on track.

More on helping your autopilot change course next week.


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