Ready to roll? Find your rhythm and take action.

Play Your Own Game

Is it just me or does life during this pandemic feel a bit like we’re on a Monopoly board!? I’ve been talking to friends and colleagues about their present challenges. And it all feels so oddly familiar. Move 5 steps forward and suddenly that property you were saving for is available. Draw the wrong card and you’re hit with unplanned expenses or the inability to keep your business open. Pass GO and collect the money you were counting on. One more roll of the dice and now you’re facing the potential of bankruptcy. If only this were all just a board game! In the face of very real threats and timely decisions that must be made, how will you take action that’s right for you?  

If you’re ready to roll, here are 3 helpful steps to finding your rhythm and playing your own game.


Step 1: Find out what kind of “action-oriented” you are.

Everyone has their own personal reasons for taking action. By design, our motivations to act are very different one from another. Put another way, it’s your own brand of action-orientation.


Enhanced by an SP’s tactical intelligence, making the right moves at the right times is an essential, everyday activity for healthy SP. Our current pandemic is a great example of the ultimate challenge for some SPs who just want to get out, move around freely and be released from the restrictions and limitations we are currently trying to operate within. Even though we can all relate to just wanting to end this whole thing, an SP has a particularly strong need to escape the bounds that restrict action, movement and excitement.

So, what happens when inaction is forced on someone with the SP design? How can they still take action to have the right impact on others? I’ve seen several healthy expressions of just how it’s done. One of my favorite SP’s has chosen to be a constant source of positive, optimistic calls to action. Here’s an example of her latest Facebook post:

Still others actively search for sources of good news that can be consistently shared and focused upon. Here’s a great example of just how it’s done:

Some Good News

Because an SP seeks freedom and enjoyment in the present moment, it’s one of your strengths to find those things and then ACT accordingly.


  • If you’re an SJ, your actions will follow a desire to be responsible, trustworthy and dutiful.
  • Are you an NT? It’s likely your actions will stem from a desire to create new and better ways of getting things done.
  • Maybe you’re an NF. In that case, your actions will usually prioritize the cultivation and nurturing of relationships.

So, what kind of action-oriented are you?


Step 2: Align your actions with a goal that matters to you and your community.

Do you tend to notice (and maybe even judge) the actions of others that seem self-serving versus selfless? Did you know that your view on the actions of others comes from your inner design, which drives how you think, feel and act?

We can’t please everyone, nor will our well-meaning actions benefit everyone. Sometimes, our efforts will be misunderstood. BUT, those in your community need you to act on goals that matter to you. WHY? Because much of time, they share many of your same goals. If you can be a part of helping those around you in the pursuit of goals that need to be met, then act! Even if the usual options are no longer available, there are always creative alternatives to take their place. Just surf your online communities to see tons of examples of how you can impact your community, your friends and your family with actions that already line up with your natural way of doing things.


Step 3: Find your rhythm and take action that fits.

It probably goes without saying… but once you’ve completed Steps 1 & 2, it’s time to act. Find your “rhythm.” Make your moves using your design-driven inner strengths. It simply will not be effective or of benefit to anyone if you can’t follow the natural way you’re designed to operate.

Even monopoly has a rhythm to it after awhile. If it didn’t, the game wouldn’t last as long as it usually does! We don’t know how long we must endure current circumstances, so it’s time to find your own rhythm for taking action. You’re only as stuck as you want to be.


Do you know what kind of action-oriented you are? We’re here to help.

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